Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Bargain ebay watches

It really is no secret I LOVE a bargain, recently referred to as an eBay queen *insert monkey hiding eyes smiley* but I wear my crown with pride :)
Now a watch for not even £2?? 
You'd be silly not to buy one, of course for that price you don't/can't expect the quality to be that of what you'd expect from a watch from river island or topshop.
but to be fair for the price the quality really isn't all that bad, As you can tell from the picture (credit to my wonderful other half) None of the watches are set to the correct or same time because I haven't actually worn any of them yet but they are soo pretty and such a bargain does it matter if I never wear them?
They will take pride on my wrist this summer.
Floral watch - £1.27 FREE delivery and available in 6 different colours, you can purchase here

Mint watch - £1.52 FREE delivery, available in 15 different colours, you can purchase here

Cat watch -  £1.87 FREE delivery, available in 4 different colours, purchase here

Do you have a bargain eBay watch I should check out?


  1. I just bought myself the cat one in white! Thanks for this! Haha! x x x

    1. Isn't it cute!! Got to love a bargain :) x