Thursday, 19 June 2014

How I get my hair so bright

Some of you will already know the answer but I often get asked what hair dye I use, How do I get it so bright and have others that have tried using the same dye but not get the same brightness because they left the important bit out.
BLEACH! Although now I no longer use 12% peroxide to get my brightness, I now use XXL live blonde before adding colour.
Dyes I use are directions, manic panic, XXL live and the odd crazy colour.
Having hair this colour does come at the cost of my hand changing colour everytime I wash my hair, turning my white tops whatever colour my hair is if I wear my hair down (it does wash out) and sometimes my bathroom. Oh and my scalp! my scalp has often got pretty blistered during the turning my hair a white blonde process before colour, hence why I prefer to use directions,manic panic and crazy colour when it comes to adding colour as it doesn't have any chemicals in and is pretty much like a hair gel so can be slept in for better and brighter results AND less damage then two lots of chemical hair dyes would do.


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