Saturday, 28 June 2014

IBS and how it affects me

I've been um'ing and ar'ing about making a post about my IBS for a little while now because it is a little bit to much information talking about my bowels and their movements.
But fear not I will not be going into to much detail where you'll need a sick bucket on stand by!
After having a panic attack in the middle of London before getting to my friends wedding and my IBS being the cause of it to start in the first place, I realized how much having IBS is controlling my life!
All I did was eat and that was it panic set in, The thought of having a flare up while on the coach scared the hell out of me so much so I was in tears (as well as wanting to go home because I didn't feel I could go so far from home alone)
turning down invites for dinner at friends, having to literally run home from my parent's house after eating my unexpected dinner (seeming really rude to my dad because he was unaware I had it) as its not really a conversation you have with people unless they ask, Any meals I have out with Andy or friends I have to go straight home no socializing over drinks once we've eaten, the list really is endless.

My journey originally started shortly after Daisie was born (2O11) but when I was asked to do a sample I said yes took the tube and never done it because I was far to embarrassed, fast forward 2 years and my mother in-law was diagnosed with bowel cancer with very much symptoms similar to mine. It really gave me the kick up the bum to get myself sorted because it could be anything causing me this pain, awful bloating and any kind of meal I eat lasting a maximum of 3O minutes (pretty pointless eating tbh) and the longer I left it if there was something more serious wrong it would be VERY serious if I left it another year!
So with a sample done at last and many blood tests, I had to have a flexible sigmoidscopy done to check if there was any other causes to my problems.
I have a MRI scan Monday to check the inflammation that came back in one of the biopsies taken from the sigmoidscopy I had and then I'll be seeing a dietician next month to sort out a diet to follow to see if that makes any difference and see what they think would be the best route for me.

Me and others have wondered a fair bit if I could be suffering with something else because not only do I have awful stomach pain and bloating I also end up with a mouth full of ulcers :(
1 or 2 I can handle but 5+ all around my mouth making it painful to even talk let alone eat, is beyond a joke! Every ulcer treatment going has failed to work pastes,gels,mouthwashes and tablets granted the tablets worked for the first week but that's it.
My drinking habits of a 1.75 litre of cola a day can't be helping the matter but if I dare to drink anything else be it pure juice, diluted juice, flavoured water,flavoured fizzy drinks etc I end up with the mouth full of ulcers by the next day.
But because I was gaining weight rather than loosing it most doctors didn't seem to want to investigate any further for other things and the ones they have my bloods have come back negative for.
I've only just started gaining weight 2 years after having my second daughter before that I was always 6st maximum so it's a welcome change but I can stop gaining now that would be wonderful.

I've had to deflate my girls when they come to me with beaming smiles bursting with excitement asking if I'm having another baby, Daily I do look a good few months pregnant and I have been spoke about in the school playground about expecting another (the joys of gossip)

 The above bloating was in the early days of my IBS, so imagine this around double the size I no longer need to eat to end up like this it's now just permanently there.
I no longer need to eat for my stomach to become irritated and having a flare up I can be on the school run and suddenly have to run home as quick as I can.

As embarrassed as I am from suffering with IBS I do know I am not alone and it's more common then I thought.


  1. Is it possible that you have Crohn's Disease? My best friend has it. She's been through hell with it and was in and out of hospital because of flare ups regularly but at the moment is Crohn's free after having an operation last year in March. She only has 30cm of bowel left. I'm pretty sure mouth ulcers can be common along with Crohn's. They can develop in the mouth and gut. Hope you get proper answers soon. x x x

  2. All my symptoms seem to point to Crohns, The one woman I saw and mentioned it to she asked if I'd been losing weight but when I said no she said it can't be Crohns even tho my neighbour has it and she's bigger than me so I don't see how on that alone she could say I don't have it, They tested me for celiac disease through my blood but my blood doesn't like giving anything away it said I wasn't pregnant until I was 9 weeks but here Daisie is lol, Thank you :) It's awful hoping the MRI can give me a better answer. I've also been wondering if the ulcers are hormone related because my whole pregnancy with Daisie I didn't get any but after she was born they started coming back regular again x