Thursday, 12 June 2014

Make shopping fun

Daisie hasn't stopped begging to go to nursery this morning (she doesn't start until september)
So Andy decided he'd take her to the shops instead so she's still out and not so restless.
Then it hit me why not make her up a fun little shopping list with pictures?
(I did grab a quick picture but the quality is awful and you can barely see as we done it all colourful in pencils which haven't been picked up to well)
So I  grabbed the best example I could find on google.
She loved the idea of having her own little list to tick off as they go round picking up items on the list :)
I was chuffed that she could recognize my attempt of a potato.
So off they went with her little shopping list and crayon in hand full of excitement!
We all know how stressful shopping with a bored and restless toddler/little one can be
This is something I plan to do every time the girls have to come shopping with me.
I'll update this post with pictures of Daisie with her shopping list in hand and our next trip out with her list.


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