Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Daisie's starting nursery

Today my teeny 6lbs 4.O5oz baby had her stay and play at nursery where she got the chance to meet her teachers and some other little ones that will be starting at the same time as her in September.
While there we filled out her about me form ready for her little marvelous me book and she had her photo taken for it too, They got a lovely big smile from her I'm so excited to see the picture.
 But no trip out to the dentist (she begged me for weeks to go to the dentist and today was her appointment) is complete without a little hand bag full of cat teddies and a miniature dog teddy, 
Daisie absolutely loved having lots of friends to play with and lots of toys to share with them :)
She loved joining in sitting in a circle with the others singing along to a few songs before it was home time and sitting down with a carton of milk and a biscuit.
 Heart strings getting tugged all over the place lately, Even tho she was very happily playing she still nipped over to see me to make sure I was still there and that I was okay!
We will be receiving her start date within the next few weeks, excited just doesn't cover it :)
No doubt I'll be in tears on her first day but I'm so excited for her, she's ended up in tears almost everyday when I have to say no to her going to nursery because it isn't time yet.
With September nearing not only is my tiniest baby starting nursery my biggest one is going into year two!!!

Do you have a little one starting nursery/school this September?


  1. Sounds like Daisie had a brilliant time at her nursery visit :) Good to hear actually as my daughter Skye will be starting nursery in September too, we have her visit in a couple of weeks. I am excited for her but also very nervous, she is my oldest so it is all new to us, eek!

    Great photo, Daisie looks very independent, sounds like she will absolutely love nursery :) x

    1. She had so much fun :)
      Hope Skye has a wonderful time visiting her nursery, Ah I remember my eldest starting seems so long ago now :')
      It's amazing but very heart wrenching seeing them wander off for their first day, I'm so excited to get all the little creations and hear about all that shes been up to :) x