Saturday, 21 June 2014

We've gone loom band loony

I'm sure you've seen the new loom band craze EVERYWHERE, shops, schools, facebook etc
Issy first came home with one from school a friend had given her so with that when I came across some at my local market at a bargain price of £1 each for a bag of 6OO or 3 for £2.5O 
they were coming home with me.
At first she wasn't all that interested as she had a friend from school round for the first time but now she'll happily sit and make one.
They are so simple to do and keep Issy quiet for hours, I've seen some really impressive ones that make my 3 ^ look pathetic.
I've seen elsa,anna,minions and unicorns!!
After looking for tutorials I noticed quite a few needed a loom
so on Wednesday it went without saying that a loom kit including S hooks,bands and a loom board for £3 it came home with me.
Being the new craze some kits are selling for £1O+
I also sit for hours making some new little creations even if I am sat alone and could be doing something a bit more productive for my age.
They remind me of scoobies I used to make growing up (I was alot better at those)

Have you joined in this latest craze?


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