Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Daisie turns 3!

 ***WARNING!! Extra picture heavy post***

Today for Daisie's birthday treat we headed off to London and paid the sea life centre and M&M world a visit.
London didn't seem to be what Daisie thought it would be when we first arrived she kept repeating I want to go to London after a good few times of telling her we are in London she went quiet, We decided to walk from London Victoria to the sea life centre in south bank a long and very busy walk but with the weather being so nice it was nice to spend it walking rather than on a train/bus.
Once we were in the sea life centre we had to walk over a clear walk way that had the tank of sharks underneath Daisie was really hesitant to walk over it as she thought she would fall in bless her :')
Despite the huge que behind us she wasn't in a hurry to walk over just in case she did fall in.
I was pretty disappointed with M&M world, I expected it to be pricey and that wasn't a problem but if the tubes of colours that were £1.99 for 1OOg had scales I'd have purchased some but because they hadn't I wouldn't know how much I have spent until I was paying and that really put me off! 
I'd much rather watch what we were spending but I suppose that's were they catch you.
They had some lovely little sets you could buy and better yet you could personalize your m&ms too.


  1. Looks like you had a fantastic time celebrating and yummy treats too!


    Follow me too? Oh So Gawjess

    1. Was a great day tiring but lots of fun :) checking out your blog now! x

  2. Happy birthday to Daisie. All the times I have been to London I've not once gone to M&M world but I will make a trip there soon with the girls. Looks like she had a nice time xx

    1. Thank you :) This was my first time too! I've never actually been to Leicester square so that was a first too, Andy's like a little tour guide which is so handy because I'm lost the minute I walk out of Victoria train station lol, she had a great time :) x

  3. Excellent photos! Love the one of the turtles. You must of had a FAB time!! #MySundayBest