Friday, 11 July 2014

Stretch marks!!

I managed two pregnancies with the same stretchmarks on my bum,thighs and navel piercing but they were hardly noticeable, very few and never seen by anyone other than me and Andy.
When they were at their most visible I kept hearing lots about aloe vera gel so went and grabbed some, what was there to lose? AMAZING! after using it twice my stretchmarks were a lot less visible with a white appearance and until pointed out went un-noticed.
Then I suddenly go up to a size 12 and there's some cheeky ones gleaming at me on my hips and down at the back/side of my knees.
The knee ones being the ones that bother me most because with it being a summer these pins of mine come out, Which makes me very paranoid that the world can see them because currently they are a deep red/purple with the bottoms of my legs tattooed most people tend to have a peek and read the poem down the back of my leg and there right at the top is the stretchmarks,
Remembering I still had some trusty aloe Vera gel to hand, I rummaged through the Johnson's baby boxes in the bathroom and stuck some on and after two applications my stretchmarks look soo much better!
I've tried to grab a picture of the progress but although they are very visible in person they aren't picked up so well on either my phone or my camera.
You can purchase aloe Vera gel from Holland & Barrett in 2 different sizes
1OOml - £3.99
2OOml - £6.99
not a bad price for something that really works!


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