Sunday, 13 July 2014

The british 1Ok run London 2O14

Today me and Issy headed to London along with my mum, niece,nephews and sister in-law to support and cheer on my big brother in the British 1Ok!
Sadly we didn't pick the greatest of spots and only saw him start off and missed him crossing the finish line while we scrambled our way there :(
It started to rain so we headed under the bridge to keep dry, just as my brother was coming up right at the other side my mum happened to get poo'd on by a pigeon LMAO! 

Wow the emotions! 
Before the race had even started I was welling up, THEN seeing each different story with people running with one leg, colostomy bags, full army wear just wow!
It took all I had not to run up to them and just give them a massive hug.
During the run Issy asked why we couldn't run so we plan to take part in some kind of run/walk next year too. 
With not much training due to an ingury my brother still managed to complete the full 1Ok in O.5O.56 being a new personal best
Needless to say I am one very proud little sister :) 

My brother ran in aid of help for heroes and it's not to late to donate you can do so 'here'


  1. Aww well done to your bro! This is such an amazing thing to do. I really admire people who give up their time like this to raise money and awareness.


    1. It's such a great thing to do and so inspiring seeing them all, Just looking at the map of route tired me out lol x