Tuesday, 8 July 2014

This time three years ago....

Around this time three years ago (photo was taken around the 2nd tho)
I kept saying my bump had shrunk and little did I know that it actually had, I was sent home with a bleed after all checks were fine.
On the 11th July I had a routine antenatal appointment, With a routine measure of my bump the consultant was really concerned because my bump had shrunk at least 2-4 weeks (was one of the two but I can't remember exactly which one) which could only mean one thing I had lost some of my waters, she asked if I had lost any waters to which I said no because as far as I knew I hadn't but explained I was admitted for a bleed a few days ago but was sent home to which she expressed her anger at the fact I was sent home and said I should have been kept in until I had stopped bleeding and that my bump had shrunk for further tests. After a quick check she said she checked who was on duty that night, The woman on her own in control hadn't been their very long and wasn't very good. How wonderful having a woman in a consultants opinion wasn't very good at what she does in charge of any women coming in with concerns about their baby! 
She went out to talk to another consultant then came back saying she would like to get Daisie out ASAP
and I was to go for an emergency scan to check just how much waters I had left, I headed home a ball of emotions awaiting my scan date but had my induction date of the 14th July 2O11.
The scan showed I had enough waters that Daisie would be safe but my placenta had stopped working and Daisie had stopped growing (I didn't find any of this out until she was around a week old and I asked why I was actually induced)
My scan dates and my dates never did match up until Daisie was born the hospital went by the scan dates which were in fact a whole month out (she was born 2 weeks + 6 days over my date but 38 weeks + 4 days by theirs) which would explain why my placenta stopped working and could have cost my baby's life had I not have had that bleed.

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