Thursday, 10 July 2014

Throwback Thursday

Back in 2O12 I took part in London alternative fashion week, I modeled for designer Faye De-Boorder who has designed clothing for Beckii Cruel -
British designer Faye de Boorder re-designed the outfit that shot Beckii Cruel to fame in 2009. Cruel wore this ensemble for the first time in her viral hit video 'Danjo'.
You can find more of Faye's design on here website below! 

I had the pleasure of modeling along side Amie conradine who can be found in many magazines and covers, Jasz Vegas seen in Killer magic on BBC 3, Lou Spencer and Iska Ithil


  1. You look beautiful! still canny belive you spent the day with tommy ex ahha!!!

    1. Was so dissapointed in myself but glad I done it :) Me either what a small world!! x

    2. You did amazing!! :D and yep small world xxxxxxx