Thursday, 3 July 2014

What on earth does my daughter get up to?

I honestly have no idea what my little missy gets up to while shes at school,
She goes through an average of around 5 pairs of shoes per term!!
The poor little soul has walked around with her shoes like this for god knows how long :(
(awful mother alert)
I knew they were scuffed but with only 2 and abit weeks left at school it seemed pointless buying another pair because come the new term they'd no longer fit,  Until when she was making her jellyfish for the jellyfish races I noticed a little toe poking out at me!
Thank god she has a spare pair that I had totally forgot about and found when I went to look for a rough size of what she will be for next term in september.
These shoes were a spare set ready for when the other pair gave up on her but she fell in love with them and wore them instead, I'm amazed how long they actually lasted with the sole being the thinner kind that with Issy usually only have a month life span on them.
I've been recommended kickers but this little missy of mine refused to wear her last pair :(
I either need shares in a shoe company or we need some steel toe caps for this little lady.

Any recommendations of school shoes with a 'scuff resistant' front that
 is actually scuff resistant or that could survive the test of my little miss?


  1. WOW! I had to look twice at the top photo then!! Couldn't think what it was until I read the rest. Im not too sure what kind of shoes could last. Reebok trainers are quite tough. Maybe trainers for school would be best for now? X

    1. I honestly have no idea what she gets up to! That might be an idea I'll ask her school if she's allowed to wear black trainers :) Good ol' eBay has been a god send for stocking up on spares for her x

  2. wow that's so many pairs to go through!!! I've no idea if that's normal or not - currently pregnant with my first :)

    Mummy Pixie

    1. She wrecked her first pair that cost me almost £2O on her first day of starting school :( So after that I refused to pay to much for a pair for them to just be wrecked :)

      Awe congratulations :) Do you know what your having? x

  3. Have no idea about shoes as I'm quite far off that stage yet, but I just had to comment on how beautiful your blog design is! :) x #mummymonday

  4. wow! she sure does get through a lot of shoes! must be hard work keeping up with the expense of new shoes all the time!
    Steph |

    1. I honestly have no idea what she gets up to :( she's always been a bit of a toe scuffer but I've noticed it so much more since she's been at school, I tend to stock up through out the year (thank god for eBay) x