Tuesday, 29 July 2014

When anxiety takes over....

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If your a regular reader of my blog a little while ago you'd have read about plans for baby number 3.
All was going well I came off my anxiety tablets and I stopped having my injection, Let the trying begin!
Well at least I thought that would be the case UNTIL...
Recently my household was struck with some kind of virus starting with Daisie and then there was me that randomly out of no where threw up :/
To begin with I'd been struggling with awful mouth ulcers 9 to be exact after daring to eat a tropical mouth ulcer and spent awhile in bed because the pain was awful so Andy sent me to bed every time I got up, then came the bad stomach.
But the sickness was strange because I was the only one with it, so even tho it takes weeks and weeks for me to get the right result from a pregnancy test and I haven't had a period for 3 years, I tested anyway you can guess the result Negative.
A day later I felt a little better then the next morning I was woken with a bad stomach and was sick again.
That was that my mind was made up no way in hell am I ever going to be able to survive a pregnancy with morning sickness, feeling a baby move again and the possibilty of a c-section.
Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE being pregnant, I loved everything about it while others just wanted their baby to come already I was happy to stay pregnant forever, I never had sickness with the girls so I was really lucky considering I have a sickness phobia but I was took the possibility of sickness in my stride to deal with if and whenever it occurred.
But now that is not even an option I can't even handle the thought of it how the hell am I going to cope if I was to have it?
So we've decided to wait and try once I'm in control of my anxiety about it all but for now anxiety is well and truly winning this one!


  1. Awww man, I'm sorry you've been feeling so down. Baby number 3 will happen it's supposed to. Just you wait and see! Feel better :)

    XoXo Shea L. ---> shesprego.blogspot.com

  2. You have a phobia of sickness? Oh my goodness, me too! I was also really lucky and didn't suffer any morning sickness with my daughter but the thought of another baby and the sickness always worries me :(
    I hope you overcome this though as another baby is ALWAYS a good idea! :D xx

    1. It's really scaring me atm :( Before it was never a problem but now the thought of it is way to much to handle, Thank you :) I'm hoping I'll be able to show it who's boss again soon! Hope you are too x