Sunday, 31 August 2014

#Silent Sunday - 31.O8.2O14

Day Thirty One - Best thing about this month? #BEDAoutmumbered

WOW! last day of #BEDA already :(
Before I get started I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to Emma at outmumbered for hosting, I've loved taking part in BEDA :)
So best thing about this month?
Not all that exciting BUT after months of planning to I finally got my theory test booked!
Now to pass it and get back to my driving lessons.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Day Thirty - Earliest memory #BEDAoutmumbered

I'm sure I have many other early memories but the most vivid one that comes to mind is the one when I out my feet through a double glazed window!!
I'd been doing gymnastics at school nothing pro like just the climbing, slanted benches, ropes etc, so with that still in my mind I spent my evening pretending to do gymnastics at home we still had the old fashioned style double glazing were you could pull the second one across and you was able to take them out if you wanted to.
My mum had dad had a panel of it out, so being the genius that I am I thought why don't I lay it slanted down the side of mum and dads bed like the benches at school?
Ta'da perfect, with little jumps down until I made it to the bottom brilliant it works :)
Now lets try that a little harder 'bounce bounce bounce SMASH' oopps :/
I went straight through instead of screaming and crying I patiently waited for my mum and dad to come and find me blood all over their cream carpet and my legs dangling through the glass.
I remember everything as if it was yesterday heading to the hospital wrapped in a blanket and my feet elevated driving past my brother and he didn't even notice the little feet in the window, how the panel of glass sat in the garden waiting to be discarded.
I now have a scar on each foot where the glass had sliced and they'd had to cut further to retrieve the glass that was stuck in my foot, it's like a little smiley face right across the back of my heel and creeps the hell out of me if anyone touches it, even down to laying in bed with my feet pointing up and the other like a little maggot on the inside of my right heel.

Where were my parents your wondering? 
I was meant to be in bed and I managed to do it all so quietly they didn't know/think any different.

Friday, 29 August 2014

BLOGGER MEET PREP - Get to know me

My names Linda also known as Lulu being called Linda creeps me out a little as it's very rare I'm called it, Your welcome to call me either
I'm 22 will be 23 on the 27th September
I'm a mother of two little girls Issy (Isabella-Rose) who's 6 and Daisie who's 3
If I don't get my hair dye in time, I'll be supporting stupidly long roots and a few shades of pink,
I suffer with anxiety and agoraphobia so this meet is a REALLY big thing for me to do, So do forgive me if I have to dart to the toilets often and quickly and get myself over a panic attack or run for the hills and leave early because I really can't handle it,
Please also forgive me if I come across rude and don't eat I have IBS and sometimes I prefer not to eat while out in case of any flares up.
Really looking forward to meet you all :) 
Your all very welcome to follow me on insatgram or add me on facebook my links are over to the right >>>

Day Twenty Nine - 5 things you can't live without? #BEDAoutmumbered

Without the obvious my mum, my dad, my kids and Andy etc...

My phone

Thursday, 28 August 2014

The beauty blogger - TAG

 I don't consider myself a beauty blogger or any particular kind of blogger if I'm totally honest, I blog about what I fancy not a set subject etc
 Is your hair naturally curly or straight?

What is your natural hair colour?
  A mousey brown

Do you dye it yourself or go to a salon?
Myself well Andy

How often do you wash your hair?
As and when it needs washing which varies sometimes once a week up to 2-3

Do you wear the same style every day or change it?
Most of the time it's chucked in a messy bun, I attempt down but end up hot and bothered although I'm having it in a pony tail more often now

Do you do your own mani/pedi or go to the salon? 
Salon for my mani my a acrylic addict, home for my toes

How often do you change your nail polish?
Every 2 weeks along with an infill and my toes when it chips I either then re-do it or change the colour.

Do you polish your toes in the winter or just the summer?
All year round

How long does it take you to do your make up?
Depending on the occasion 30 minutes including chasing the girls for the contents of my make-up bag bag

What do you do first - face or eyes?
Face I can't imagine doing my eyes first? I'd end up looking like I just got out of the shower after getting in with my make-up on

Do you 'collect' make up or just buy what you need when you need it?
I buy it when I need it but have still ended up with a collection from changing brands

How often do you wear false eyelashes?
Never I used to for photoshoots and that's it, they are so uncomfortable how my friend wears them everyday I do not know

Do you do a full face of make up every day?
No I would love to tho but if I'm not going out it just seems like such a waste and most days I just want to get out and back home again

Do you wear make up when you are home alone/with family?
Occasionally mainly on occasions so I don't look like the grim reaper in photos of us all

Will you leave the house without make up?
Yes ask me that 5 years ago it would have been a hell no

How many high end products do you have?
Erm.. 3? I think if you count a sample HA! Since being a mum I begrudge spending silly amounts on things for myself

How often do you wash your make up brushes?
I've barely used them but I do need to get down with this brush cleaning technique, Eveyrtime I do my make-up my foundation brush gets a clean with a make-up wipe before I use it.
'don't shoot me'

Do you plan your OOTD every night or decide when you're getting up?
When I get up, I tend to chuck on whats comfortable atm 

How often do you change your handbag?
Every other month

What time do you get up and go to sleep?
Depending on the days plans school day 7.30-8 the latest weekend 10 unless the girls get up earlier and I go to sleep when I'm tired very recently its 10-11ish

How often and when do you work out?
Is getting up and out of my bed classed as a work out?

Left handed or right handed?

How tall are you?
5ft5or so

Do you speak a foreign Language?
  Sarcasm if that counts if not then no

 How often are you on Blogger?
I pop on whenever I get the chance to through out the day

Do you read the comments on your posts?
Every one of them and I appreciate every single one, I aim to reply to them all but I may be guilty of missing one

Do you keep a list of products to try as you read other blogs?
I always have tabs open on my phone of bloggers and blogposts I've spotted on twitter so I can go back to them

How did you come up with your blog name?
It was meant to be temporary until I thought of another but then it seemed perfectly fitting and didn't tie me to any type of blogging, I hoped people saw it as I'm a mum and this is what I do when I get some time to myself so would see it as they'd find anything from fashion,beauty,lifestyle and family posts

What kind of camera do you use for your photographs?

What is your favourite colour?

What is your favourite beauty/fashion magazine?
This is were its obvious I'm no beauty blogger as I don't have one

Do you swear?
Yes way to fucking much ;)

What are you doing for the rest of the day?
As it's 9.12pm I'll be chilling out then it's na'nights for me

Day Twenty Eight - Who is your biggest inspiration? #BEDAoutmumbered

My wonderful mum
Never have I met someone who has been given so many reasons to give up but still battles on.
Despite the awful things my mum has had to deal with I have never once heard her grumble or moan about any of it, The things she has been through are unspeakable/unimaginable just the fact she gets up of a morning and just gets on with things is inspiring to me.
Everyday she puts everyone elses needs before her own she has many health problems but if you was to need her she would be there, even if she was having the worst of days she wouldn't let you down.
She would give you the clothes of her back,the very last penny she had and the last bit of food if you needed it without any hesitation.


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Me, Myslef & Agoraphobia

A little while ago I had my second appointment at Maudsley hospital, I was originally there for ADHD symptoms a few people including a health professional had asked me if I had ADHD so with that I had it looked into.
My second appointment was one with a psychiatrist, at this appointment he said he didn't feel I had enough of a ADHD trait to medicate to explain what he meant he said people with ADHD are dwarfs and people without it are normal average height, So I'm not quite as tall as a normal person but I'm not as short as a dwarf so I'm pretty much a hobbit :') I suffer with symptoms of ADHD but not enough to be a dwarf and medicated.
His example did make me laugh even more so when he asked if my hair was dyed.
With a reply of no it's natural he didn't seem to impressed but it left me and my mum giggling for the rest of the day.
 So to round it up I'm not as tall as a normal person but I'm not quite a dwarf with natural pink hair :) 
Anyway during my session he diagnosed me with Anxiety/Panic disorder and agoraphobia he suggested I have cognitive behavioural therapy and some medication which would be a higher dosage than the 1Omg citalopram I was on before
I knew I already had the anxiety disorder but the agoraphobia is something new to take in, I don't know why but since I found this out I haven't been right in myself I don't know what it is but I barely eat now (but gain weight like crazy) when it was rare to ever catch me with my hands not full of food and my stomach just doesn't feel right like I have a constant knot in my stomach, I go to bed most nights feeling really odd with an unsettled stomach which sends my sickness phobia nuts!
I mentioned in a previous post that my anxiety of suffering morning sickness was far to much to handle right now so baby number 3 was written off until I can manage it.
Which the above of not feeling right has sent me crazy over thinking it could be because of pregnancy, My babies don't like to show up with pregnancy tests or blood tests until a good few weeks 6 & 9 to be exact with negatives after a faint positive so it's not as simple as test and see :/ 
(Again in previous posts you'd have read I was planning to TTC so came off contraceptives, I can't go back on until pregnancy is totally ruled out)

The worse part of my diagnosis of agoraphobia is I feel I have to live up to the worst case of it because it's already happening I mention I was diagnosed and people look at me really confused and say isn't that were your scared to leave the house? as I'm sitting in their house but that's the thing I'm with someone I know I'll be safe with and I was driven from my house to theirs.
I'm expecting everyone I know personally to think my agoraphobia is something I've made up because I can be seen out BUT it's just up my local town to do some food shopping and school runs. 
Even that isn't easy for me at times, my mum still has to take me to the doctors,dentist and hospital even then I need a week at the very least to get my head around these appointments coming up, the same goes for any kind of event if I haven't been given at least a week it's very unlikely that you'll find me attending unless my mum is there doing what mums do and making sure I go with her by my side.
Andy and my mum are constantly reassuring me not to be silly and that agoraphobia isn't just a fear of the leaving the house at all and I shouldn't care what others think about it.

Day Twenty Seven - Have you overcome something difficult? #BEDAoutmumbered

Although I haven't totally overcome it and it's now made my fear of being unwell even worse, 
I haven't taken medication for my anxiety for a few months now and despite my bad days and the whole being unwell thing I like to think I'm doing pretty well without medication.
I'm waiting on my report back from my last appointment with a psychiatrist where I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder AND agoraphobia (post coming up) to sum up the next steps for cognitive behavioural therapy and the medication he recommends I should take.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Day Twenty Six - 5 of my favourite posts #BEDAoutmumbered

If you've read my little bit about me over on the right >>> you'd have seen that I'm a mumma to a CCAM baby, I can hear you now whats CCAM? The above post will explain all about it :)
May 15th 2O14 - BIG sister hamper
Having another baby is always a very exciting time but there is always that niggling of your eldest feeling left out, So through out my pregnancy I put together a little hamper for Issy to be given while I was in hospital or when Daisie gets home to keep her busy in the first few days of getting used to being a mother of two.

October 14th 2O13 - BUCKET LIST - making autumn tealight 
With autumn on its way I just had to add this one, was one of my fave little makes.

For the past few years my brother has ran the London runs and I've never gone to watch but this year I got to :)

How could I not include this one?

Monday, 25 August 2014

Day Twenty Five - Capture a moment in your day #BEDAoutmumbered

Today Issy headed out with her aunty for the day as it was her aunts birthday, So me & Daisie had a jarmie/onesie day as it's rained all day and we had no plans on leaving the house.
Daisie gathered some of her peppa pig figures and set up her own little play scene so I just silently watched and played when requested to do so, We had a naughty dominos and done pretty much nothing but chill out and play today :) Best thing ever when the weather is pants outside.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Day Twenty Four - Sum yourself up in 1O words #BEDAoutmumbered

I had to ask Andy to help me with this one, I asked Issy and all she could come up with was camp :')

1- Crazy
2- Creative 
3- Silly
4- Caring
5- Fun
6- Chatty
7- Thoughtful
8- Mum/Missus
9- Bitchy (If I want and need to be)
1O- Lazy

#Silent Sunday - 24.O8.2O14

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Day Twenty Three - What are you looking forward to? #BEDAoutmumbered

Although I'm feeling crazily unprepared I'm so excited for Christmas! The stock up of munchies,the big dinner, the all round cosy feeling,visiting Santas grotto,the snuggle nights with the heating on jarmies on and the chill outside,tucking the girls into bed once they've enjoyed a hot bath followed by jarmies on and a hot chocolate,reading christmas stories,kitting their room out with their own little Christmas tree.
I love the all round magical feeling of Christmas!
The girls are both of an age where they can ask for things they'd like (I'm absolutely clueless this year)

Friday, 22 August 2014



One - CALLME Flat buckle cut out geek shoes £14.95
Two - REEF Flat buckle gladiator sandal shoes  WAS £21.95 NOW £5.49
Three -  BUFF Block heel cut out sandal ankle boots WAS £34.95 NOW £26.21
Four - FESTI Heeled cut out gladiator sandal shoes WAS £34.95 NOW £26.21
Five - COAST Flat buckle cut out sandal shoes WAS £24.95 NOW £6.24
Six -PINKY Block heel peep toe platform sandal WAS £32.95 NOW £8.24
Seven - FIJI Block heel cleated sole platform sandal shoes WAS £26.95 NOW £20.21 
Eight -  LOVEME Cleated sole platform gladiator sandal shoes WAS £32.95 NOW £34.71

each of these beauties can be found on the SPYLOVEBUY website 

My Ragdoll 2O years on

There's nothing better than seeing your kids love something you loved so much as a kid, it's even better when it was the actual one you had as a child.
I got this rag doll when I was around 2 years old and she was a fave of mine, Issy spotted her a little while ago in my room while we was having a girly night with my friend and instantly fell in love with her and named her Ellie :)
It's safely in my wardrobe for now as my girls can be quite distructive and I can imagine her coming back to me with her hat and dress ripped off so for now she's safe and sound in my wardrobe.

Do you have a toy that was once yours that your little ones now love?

Day Twenty Two - An old photo #BEDAoutmumbered

I love looking back at old photos I have so many I need to scan through onto the computer but here's
my first school nursery photo :)
As you can tell I LOVED nursery LOL, I loved the fact my mum went ahead and purchased the photo despite the fact I'm crying to show me in years to come.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Recent eBay bargain buys

I'm sure I've said it enough in many posts now I LOVE a bargain, so these beauties were snapped up.

Coloured plant pots and trays
£2.O9 FREE p+p from china, these little beauties come in 6 different colours.
With holes already in the bottom they are far more practical for flowers than the IKEA ones I have, I don't know if i'll be using these for flowers or if they'll be for my odds and ends like hair bands,pens,make-up brushes etc but I'll definitely be buying more for flowers if these ones aren't used for some.

£7.99 FREE p+p I thought it was from china when I ordered but when it arrived 2 days after purchase and payment, I checked the location when leaving my feedback and its it's from London.
Also available in electric blue, even tho the handle broke on me yesterday (simple fix) a link had slipped out and it's ready to go again :) for £7.99 even if it was an un-fixable break could I really complain?

Day Twenty One - 1O of my favourite blogs #BEDAoutmumbered

Only ten??? :( 
In no particular order.....

three - ohsoamelia
six - mytwomums
seven - inmybubble

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Day Twenty - Best thing that has happened to me this year #BEDAoutmumbered

Wow, this year seems to have been bad news after bad news so far with everything being health related in both mine and Andy's families. 
The main one that comes to mind is getting an engagement ring after being engaged since March 2O11, it turned up and it just abour fits my big toe so I'm still unable to wear it but I have one.
I didn't want one originally as it was just to 'normal' for me but I suddenly longed for one, I'm not even a jewellery wearer other than piercing jewellery but I suddenly set my heart on one :)
We sat for ages triple checking my measurements and it still arrived massive so it's waiting to be resized.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

My autumn/winter essentials

I know it's not officially autumn or winter yet but I don't know about where you are but where I am it's got quite a bit colder and the heating is having to be turned on, the onesie is out and I'm eying up the festive Yankee collections AND the card shops are starting to stock their Christmas ranges.
I'm currently writing out lists of what I need to get in for the girls so here's my autumn/winter essentials....

A good pair of slippers
There's nothing better then slipping your feet into slippers that feel like giant marshmallows/clouds, leaving you with an all round cosy feeling.

A festive scent
There's nothing more cosy then the smell of a festive scent while it's chilly outside, Spiced apple being one of my faves. Yankee candle have a great mixture of festive scents

Snuggly jarmies & dressing gown 
Whats better than getting in from the cold or out of a nice bubble bath into a snuggly pair of jarmies and dressing gown?

A good bobble hat,snood and mittens
I'm quite the big kid when it comes to bobble hats I'm all for big bobbles,tassels and anything crazy.
Last year I supported a fairly adult looking bobble hat but it still had a strawberry on the front :) 
Snoods, snoods, snoods whats not to love?
it's like a permanent hug while your out, My best snood is from primark its so thick and warm 
mittens,gloves,hand warmers whatever it is you prefer because theirs nothing worse than having icicles for fingers!

Bath bombs,bubble bars and bubble bath
This one can be done through out the year but I find the wintery months I get the most use from a bath bomb and bubble bar as it's chilly outside I'll spend a lot longer in a hot bath.
LUSH have amazing dare I say it? Christmas ranges

Wooly socks
Who doesn't love wooly socks? even if it's just to slide around the house like a loon these beauties are a must! 

There's nothing better than doing the school run with snuggly toes and fairly warm shins, I certainly notice the difference when I get home and have thighs that feel like they've just been pulled out of the freezer but the bottoms of my legs feel nice and toasty.

Hand warmers
Poundland have a few different cute designs of hand warmers the one where you snap something inside and it heats them up so I plan to stock up on a few to have in my handbag for the girls and myself if I ever need them, what amazing inventions!

This one goes without saying a good Umbrella.
Of course if I can avoid going out in the rain then I will but sometimes it's unavoidable (school runs, appointments etc) Your going to need a good umbrella I don't actually own one and I don't own a coat with a hood either.
I'm scared of grown up umbrellas but I'm looking at getting a dome one in hope it won't go turning inside out on me.

Do you have a must have/essential for the autumn and winter months that I've missed?

Day Nineteen - My 1O favourtie foods #BEDAoutmumbered

one - pasta
two - pizza
three -  roast dinners
four - my mumsies home made curry
five - chow mein 
six -  bacon pudding
seven - Spaghetti bolognese
eight -  classic savaloy and chips 
nine - Full english fry ups
ten - doner kebabs (one I really want to stop eating)

Monday, 18 August 2014

Day Eighteen - What I collect #BEDAoutmumbered

I'm quite the hoarder if there is any kind of story,memory or personal meaning behind something I keep it!
The girls alone have 4 plastic crates of memory stuff, birthday cards,labels,clothes,locks of hair you name it it's in there it's something I really need to narrow down.
I'm guessing handbags & shoes is an obvious one?

Anything and everything to do with Tim Burtons Nightmare Before Christmas
My mug and glass collection very sadly got smashed after the shelf they were displayed on fell off the wall :'( 
I have underwear,socks,PJ's,cookie jars,posters,dvds,figures,china statues from america,bags,purses,hoodies for both me & the girls,candle holders,christmas baubles,tattoos.
 Smelly candles and melts.
I've always been a candle lover but I only found the world of Yankee late last year/earlier this year, I have a little stash of wax tarts,jar candles and votive candles but I'm always eying up new ones and new scents, there's nothing more satisfying then smelling a new scent and settling down to relax with one melting away.

Nail Polishes
I have acrylics on majority of the time so I own a ridiculous amount of nail polishes/varnishes for one set of toes. 
I can't help but buy a new shade even if it's similar to one I already have, The obsession is growing on the girls every chance they get they dive into my nail varnish basket.