Friday, 29 August 2014

BLOGGER MEET PREP - Get to know me

My names Linda also known as Lulu being called Linda creeps me out a little as it's very rare I'm called it, Your welcome to call me either
I'm 22 will be 23 on the 27th September
I'm a mother of two little girls Issy (Isabella-Rose) who's 6 and Daisie who's 3
If I don't get my hair dye in time, I'll be supporting stupidly long roots and a few shades of pink,
I suffer with anxiety and agoraphobia so this meet is a REALLY big thing for me to do, So do forgive me if I have to dart to the toilets often and quickly and get myself over a panic attack or run for the hills and leave early because I really can't handle it,
Please also forgive me if I come across rude and don't eat I have IBS and sometimes I prefer not to eat while out in case of any flares up.
Really looking forward to meet you all :) 
Your all very welcome to follow me on insatgram or add me on facebook my links are over to the right >>>


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