Monday, 4 August 2014

Day Four - In ten years #BEDAoutmumbered

In 1O years time I'll be 32, Issy will be 16 and Daisie 13!
I'm hoping I'll be happily married for a good few years by then with at least 1 more little one that isn't quite so little by then as I'm so sure of having NO more once I hit 3O!
Tbh in 1O years time I'd love to have got over my anxiety and would be very happy to be working in retail, I'd love nothing more than to work in a fashion shop right now but I don't think anyone fancies being served by someone that is having a break down over the pressure of other humans being near her. 
I'd love to own a classic VW beetle by then and of course be driving because right now I don't

(photo from google)

Deep down I'd still love nothing more than being a body modification artist (scarification,implants,branding,tongue splitting anything out of the ordinary when it comes to body mods)
but we all know that sort of thing isn't everyone's cup of tea and I'd very rarely have customers in meaning my bills won't be paid so with a !!THUD!! Lets get back to reality.
I'm already a certified above the waist body piercer but with my anxiety at its highest I never took it any further.
I'd have loved to have taken the girls abroad and camping a few times, With the girls being of a reasonable age to be left to their own devices I'd love to spend a lot more quality time with Andy as from day one we've always had children (Issy isn't Andy's biological daughter)
so it would be nice to go for meals as a regular thing as we only do it once a year right now being our birthdays (both September babies so it becomes a joint dinner)
I'd love to be best friends with the girls and go on regular shopping trips and trips to have our nails done etc..
I'd love to live somewhere closer to the country side, with a fishing lake near by for Andy and a seaside a small car journey away for the girls and as I typed that I realized the girls would be 16 & 13 with no doubt a trip to the seaside with mum and dad would be well uncool :(
But none the less being able to go up have fish & chips just taking in the sights and walking along the sea front as the sun goes down with Andy would be perfect!


  1. Awww I love this!!! Really made me smile xxx
    x Maria x

  2. I hope you achieve all your goals and I`m sure you will!
    I hope you find a way to manage your anxieties soon. Its such a struggle.
    Oooh I love beetles!!! My dream car! xx

    1. Thank you :) I do love a classic beetle fingers crossed we both have one to call our own one day :) x

  3. a lovely few things to look forward to and hope for in the next ten years :) Could you always do your body modification as a side thing?