Saturday, 9 August 2014

Day Nine - 15 Things that make me happy #BEDAoutmumbered

Apart from the obvious, family and that because we could easily fill a list with those people/things.
Aside from your awesome kids,husband,pets etc what makes you happy?

So here goes.....

1- Food!! I love my food
2- Shoes,shoes,shoes
3- Christmas
4- Receiving parcels
5- Lazy days
6- Movie nights with plenty of munchies
7- Making memories
8- The smell of vanilla 
9- Having my nails done
11- Climbing into my PJ's and slippers after a long day
12- Completing things I set out to do
13- Being well prepared
14- Pretty phonecases
15- My mumsie's and daddio's cooking! I'd so move back home if I could so I could have it everyday


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