Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Day Nineteen - My 1O favourtie foods #BEDAoutmumbered

one - pasta
two - pizza
three -  roast dinners
four - my mumsies home made curry
five - chow mein 
six -  bacon pudding
seven - Spaghetti bolognese
eight -  classic savaloy and chips 
nine - Full english fry ups
ten - doner kebabs (one I really want to stop eating)


  1. Pizza and roast dinners are on my list too. Love a full English fry up and have to confess I do like a doner kebab every so often too! :-)

  2. What's a bacon pudding? I'm intrigued! x

    1. It's so yummy! You must try it if you ever come across someone who knows the recipe it's bacon and onion wrapped in suet pastry perfect with tatoes,peas and gravy my mouths watering at the thought :)

      *runs to contact mumsie to whip me one up asap*

    2. I was going to ask the same thing!

  3. Doner kebabs on the way home from the pub....heaven!!