Friday, 8 August 2014

Day Seven - 1O songs in my playlist I FAILED #BEDAoutmumbered

As your reading this you will know it's a day late and I have failed #BEDAoutmumbered
as I just settled in bed I realized I hadn't done yesterdays post as i was out all day and barely on my laptop but I was far to tired to get out of bed and do it :(
but can I get away with missing it as I don't actually have any kind of playlist?
I don't have itunes or spotify and rely on youtube or the music channels when I want to listen to music
so there is never any kind of set list.

Can I still play pleeaaassseeee....


  1. Oops!! lol. I never used to have anything either..until my Husband convinced me to get spotify and now I can't get enough of it lol x

    1. We stopped using it when the advertisements started not sure why we haven't upgraded to stop them as youtube is so frustrating with their ads too! x