Saturday, 16 August 2014

Day Sixteen - If I won the lottery #BEDAoutmumbered

 I never actually enter the lottery but if I did and was lucky enough to win...
First on the list would so be taking the girls to Disney world!!
I'd pay off any debts I and Andy have, Offer a lump sum to my parents and close family may they need it.
Another lump sum would go in a savings account for my girls.
Next would be a classic beetle for myself, a trike for Andy
new wardrobe for us all of course ;) 
Look at me spending like a mad woman!
 I'd set up a business for me and Andy being, then possible a new house like I mentioned in my where I'd like to be in 1O years post on day 4 of the #BEDA challenge.
If there happens to be any left it would go into savings for when we need it.
Think I'll be buying a lottery ticket soon just in case ;)  you got to be in it to win it


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