Sunday, 10 August 2014

Day Ten - 3 Things checked off my bucket list #BEDAoutmumbered

Oohhh.. 3 things 
I used to have a bucket list page at the top of my blog don't I wish I kept that now?

I guess number 1 would be start my driving lessons again I originally started them back in 2O1O but stopped stupidly, so gutting knowing I'd be driving by now if I stuck with it.
I'm hoping to be driving by the end of next year atleast.

2 - I started medication for my anxiety back at the beginning of last year, I never was keen on having medication for it but enough was enough if that's what it took to get me back to my old self who was happy to leave the house I was doing it! I'm off of the medication now but after a further diagnosis of it being an anxiety disorder and agoraphobia it has been recommended I go on a different type of medication and have cognitive behavioural therapy too. I'm hoping I can deal with it with just the therapy but of course I'll do whatever it takes to be the best mum I can to my girls and if that means taking the suggested medication so be it.

3 - Hmm... I can't think of a 3rd other than making my house more homely and mine but that is still on going so does that really count?


  1. Yes it counts. Well done on driving lessons and I hope they therapy helps x

  2. I hope the therapy helps. I received some CBT for a different reason but found it really useful x

  3. I need to start my driving lessons again too, good luck hun! I went for CBT and it helped so much, I suffered with terrible anxiety a few years ago. If you ever want someone to talk to I'm here x

    1. Thank you so much it really means alot :) x