Saturday, 30 August 2014

Day Thirty - Earliest memory #BEDAoutmumbered

I'm sure I have many other early memories but the most vivid one that comes to mind is the one when I out my feet through a double glazed window!!
I'd been doing gymnastics at school nothing pro like just the climbing, slanted benches, ropes etc, so with that still in my mind I spent my evening pretending to do gymnastics at home we still had the old fashioned style double glazing were you could pull the second one across and you was able to take them out if you wanted to.
My mum had dad had a panel of it out, so being the genius that I am I thought why don't I lay it slanted down the side of mum and dads bed like the benches at school?
Ta'da perfect, with little jumps down until I made it to the bottom brilliant it works :)
Now lets try that a little harder 'bounce bounce bounce SMASH' oopps :/
I went straight through instead of screaming and crying I patiently waited for my mum and dad to come and find me blood all over their cream carpet and my legs dangling through the glass.
I remember everything as if it was yesterday heading to the hospital wrapped in a blanket and my feet elevated driving past my brother and he didn't even notice the little feet in the window, how the panel of glass sat in the garden waiting to be discarded.
I now have a scar on each foot where the glass had sliced and they'd had to cut further to retrieve the glass that was stuck in my foot, it's like a little smiley face right across the back of my heel and creeps the hell out of me if anyone touches it, even down to laying in bed with my feet pointing up and the other like a little maggot on the inside of my right heel.

Where were my parents your wondering? 
I was meant to be in bed and I managed to do it all so quietly they didn't know/think any different.


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