Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Day Twelve - A Guilty pleasure #BEDAoutmumbered

If I could afford to live off take-aways I so would, I'm awful for when it comes to having a spare bit of money I go through all the things I could spend it on christmas presents,bits to finish off the house,shoes etc
but despite going through the list numerous times it always comes down to a take away but once it's ordered boy do I regret not getting something else of the list.

Costa toffee coolers
This is a new obsession of mine but since our local costa opened I can't help but pop in while passing and grabbing one. Suppose its better then yet another bottle of coca-cola cherry?

Afternoon naps
When Andy takes the girls out for a little while it would be the perfect time to catch up on the washing and general housework but of course that bed of mine screams so loud I always end up giving in and sleeping until they return.


  1. I think you probably sleep because you've eaten to much takeaway food and drank too much from Costa!! lol