Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Day Twenty - Best thing that has happened to me this year #BEDAoutmumbered

Wow, this year seems to have been bad news after bad news so far with everything being health related in both mine and Andy's families. 
The main one that comes to mind is getting an engagement ring after being engaged since March 2O11, it turned up and it just abour fits my big toe so I'm still unable to wear it but I have one.
I didn't want one originally as it was just to 'normal' for me but I suddenly longed for one, I'm not even a jewellery wearer other than piercing jewellery but I suddenly set my heart on one :)
We sat for ages triple checking my measurements and it still arrived massive so it's waiting to be resized.


  1. It's so so pretty! Annoying that it doesn't fit perfectly yet though, I bet you're dying to wear it!

    1. Thank you :) I'm dying to wear it hopefully I will eventually get round to having it resized I take it out with me everyday but always forget to nip into a jewelers to see if they can do it x