Saturday, 2 August 2014

Day Two - 2O Facts about me #BEDAoutmumbered

1- I'm the baby of 5
2- I have 4 older brothers with an age gap of 1O between me and the youngest of the four
3- One of my brothers name is JR and our surname is Ewing
4- I had Issy when I was 16
5- I suffer with awful anxiety 
6- I never wanted to get married or have children EVER
7- I have my head and face tattooed
8- I drink atleast a litre of coca-cola a day (awful I know)
9- I'd give anything to be able to drink Pure juices
1O- I'm a serious shopaholic, If I have money in my bank account I head straight to eBay
11- I've had my hair all colours of the rainbow all at once!
12- I've never been out of the UK :(
13- I'm a certified above the waist body piercer
14- I'm learning to drive
15- My favourite colour is green
16- I have a slight obsession with Tim Burton & Helena Bonham Carter
17- I'm a great aunty to 6 and an aunty to 11
18-  I've appeared in a latex companies calendar 
19- If I kept every piercing I've had in I'd be into the 3O's 
2O- I'm a hoarder if there is any kind of memory to it I'll keep it shopping receipt, train ticket, bag from a day out, cards and present labels etc.. something I'm slowly getting myself out of.


  1. I the baby of 3 girls, I'm learning to drive also, I had my first baby at 17 I was pregnant at 16, I also love tim burtin

    1. Thank you for stopping by :) Do love a bit of Tim Burton x

  2. I drink the same amount of coke to you... so bad for us... I just passed my driving test on Tuesday after 3 failed attempts. So relieved to have it finally... good luck with yours! It's essential with kids isnt it!

    1. I'd hate to think what it's doing to our insides *hides eyes* Congratulations!!! I bet it makes such a difference with everything being able to drive! Thank you :) It so is everything would be so much easier if I drove x