Saturday, 16 August 2014

Family Fun

I really haven't got as many days out and things done as I'd have liked through the holidays so far :(
The girls had picked to go to Pizza Hut for lunch on weds so that was the plan UNTIL my mum let me know the bus to get there no longer takes cash.
So that turned our plans upside down as we don't have the card you need so we re-arranged for when I can grab one, So we headed to the cafe on the way Andy suggested quietly out of ear shot of the girls we should go to the park and feed the ducks.
Through out the whole lunch the girls were none the wiser and when they finally asked what we were doing next we told them we were off to see a man about a banana LOL
All the way there the girls were hunting for a man with a banana, even once we were on the field they were still hunting then it dawned on them what was going on when the park came into sight :')
While there we went on the pedal boats I was amazed how well behaved the girls were, they have a rule of adults only in the front which left the girls behind us which I think is crazy!!
We planned to have one in the front with Andy and one in the back with me so we could keep a better eye on them but they sat so well :)
A little while before we were called in the heavens opened but we stayed put and enjoyed our time on the boats, Our boat liked to leak every time you pedaled with a bit of speed which resulted in me getting a soaking wet bum, Thank god the rain didn't last to long and the sun decided to show its face and it dried pretty quickly, As this wasn't a trip planned before we headed out the girls played in the small park area for a little bit then it was home after the girls had got their ice creams.
We'll be returning again soon for more fun on the boats, the water park area and a picnic


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