Friday, 1 August 2014

George @Asda - Hello Kitty school uniform range

George @Asda - Hello Kitty school uniform range

If your a mumma with a little lady of school age, I'm sure you've seen the new hello kitty school uniform range in Asda.
My mum grabbed a cardigan for Issy yesterday and the quality is amazing and the price is even better!
Usually as soon as a well known character is added to something the price rockets but the prices for polos,skirts,trousers and cardigans are only £1-£2 extra than the normal george school range.
Issy's cardigan cost £5 just £1 extra than the normal plain ones available.
The shoes being just £2 extra than most of the shoes available too, I paid £19 on Issy's first pair of school shoes that were hello kitty from eBay
Each items has a little hello kitty logo embroidered into the corners of the tops,cardigans and dresses the skirt and trousers being the pocket or a belt with a hello kitty head on (as I typed that I noticed I missed the trousers out of the picture ooppss)
the logo varies from just Kitty's face to a picture of her standing.
Each logo is discreet enough to still comply with school rules but still noticeable on further inspection


  1. I love Asda's school ranges, they are really hard wearing. I am popping over there today so will have to go have a look at this one. See if Eva likes it.

    1. I love Asda for school stuff, Issy's had the same trousers for her whole school term and could easily get more wear out of them :) It's a lovely range x