Tuesday, 19 August 2014

My autumn/winter essentials

I know it's not officially autumn or winter yet but I don't know about where you are but where I am it's got quite a bit colder and the heating is having to be turned on, the onesie is out and I'm eying up the festive Yankee collections AND the card shops are starting to stock their Christmas ranges.
I'm currently writing out lists of what I need to get in for the girls so here's my autumn/winter essentials....

A good pair of slippers
There's nothing better then slipping your feet into slippers that feel like giant marshmallows/clouds, leaving you with an all round cosy feeling.

A festive scent
There's nothing more cosy then the smell of a festive scent while it's chilly outside, Spiced apple being one of my faves. Yankee candle have a great mixture of festive scents

Snuggly jarmies & dressing gown 
Whats better than getting in from the cold or out of a nice bubble bath into a snuggly pair of jarmies and dressing gown?

A good bobble hat,snood and mittens
I'm quite the big kid when it comes to bobble hats I'm all for big bobbles,tassels and anything crazy.
Last year I supported a fairly adult looking bobble hat but it still had a strawberry on the front :) 
Snoods, snoods, snoods whats not to love?
it's like a permanent hug while your out, My best snood is from primark its so thick and warm 
mittens,gloves,hand warmers whatever it is you prefer because theirs nothing worse than having icicles for fingers!

Bath bombs,bubble bars and bubble bath
This one can be done through out the year but I find the wintery months I get the most use from a bath bomb and bubble bar as it's chilly outside I'll spend a lot longer in a hot bath.
LUSH have amazing dare I say it? Christmas ranges

Wooly socks
Who doesn't love wooly socks? even if it's just to slide around the house like a loon these beauties are a must! 

There's nothing better than doing the school run with snuggly toes and fairly warm shins, I certainly notice the difference when I get home and have thighs that feel like they've just been pulled out of the freezer but the bottoms of my legs feel nice and toasty.

Hand warmers
Poundland have a few different cute designs of hand warmers the one where you snap something inside and it heats them up so I plan to stock up on a few to have in my handbag for the girls and myself if I ever need them, what amazing inventions!

This one goes without saying a good Umbrella.
Of course if I can avoid going out in the rain then I will but sometimes it's unavoidable (school runs, appointments etc) Your going to need a good umbrella I don't actually own one and I don't own a coat with a hood either.
I'm scared of grown up umbrellas but I'm looking at getting a dome one in hope it won't go turning inside out on me.

Do you have a must have/essential for the autumn and winter months that I've missed?


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