Thursday, 21 August 2014

Recent eBay bargain buys

I'm sure I've said it enough in many posts now I LOVE a bargain, so these beauties were snapped up.

Coloured plant pots and trays
£2.O9 FREE p+p from china, these little beauties come in 6 different colours.
With holes already in the bottom they are far more practical for flowers than the IKEA ones I have, I don't know if i'll be using these for flowers or if they'll be for my odds and ends like hair bands,pens,make-up brushes etc but I'll definitely be buying more for flowers if these ones aren't used for some.

£7.99 FREE p+p I thought it was from china when I ordered but when it arrived 2 days after purchase and payment, I checked the location when leaving my feedback and its it's from London.
Also available in electric blue, even tho the handle broke on me yesterday (simple fix) a link had slipped out and it's ready to go again :) for £7.99 even if it was an un-fixable break could I really complain?