Saturday, 27 September 2014

Another year down, Hello 23!

Today was/is my 23rd birthday!!
I started my day with strict orders of staying in bed until I wanted to get up, When I finally opened my eyes and decided I couldn't stay in my pit any longer the girls came up and gave me the cards they'd made along with my presents. When I eventually rolled out of bed I was again ordered to plonk myself on the sofa and do NOTHING everytime I tried I was marched back into the living room, with a lovely fry-up for breakfast with bacon that Andy had spent ages trying to make extra crispy just how I like it bless him (I hate crispy bacon I like mine dipped,flipped and out)
I woke up to a message from my wonderful mother in-law wishing me a happy birthday and letting me know she'd put some money into my bank account to treat myself and to make sure I treat myself. 
Just as I thought my day couldn't get any better my mum popped down with some pressies and a little package wrapped in tin fool that was still hot, mmm... mums home made fruit cake I thought BUT the cherry on the top of my day it wasn't cake it was a mini bacon pud just for me!!!
In my fave food #BEDA post a few asked what on earth bacon pudding was so I just had to grab a picture to add with my blog post. 
You'd usually have some spuds with it but I had none so extra veg it was! 
Then to top the day off my brother popped round for a little bit.
So with another year down and the girls tucked in bed it's X-factor and browsing for some bits to spend my birthday money on. 


  1. Awww huge birthday wishes for yesterday. I hope you had a smashing day... you deserve it xxx