Sunday, 7 September 2014

LUSH - Ickle baby bot REVIEW by Issy (6)

This review comes with a little twist, this one is brought to you by Issy (6)
Her thoughts are entirely her own and will be written how they were said to me
As she can't exactly review like an adult would,  I've put together some questions to ask :)

What do you love most about Ickle baby bot?
 He makes the bath blue

Would you get mummy to buy it again? If no why?
No, because it only changes the bath light blue with now surprises inside

How does the Ickle baby bot make you feel?
Makes my skin really smooth
Would you buy it from your own pocket money?
Yep for my little sister

Do these bath bombs make your baths more fun?

If you could change/add anything to Ickle baby bot what would it be?
Make it bigger and a surprise centre maybe some star confetti


  1. Erm...Ahhhhhh, how actually cute xxx

  2. I know a little girl that would love one of these! Love it! Love Issy's idea of confetti inside, now that would be fab xx

    1. It makes bath time so much fun and for £1.95 it's not bank breaking :) Think it would be amazing with a little surprise centre x