Tuesday, 30 September 2014

LUSH - Karma bubble bar

'Get an instant lift with this bubble bar with our signature exotic orange and patchouli fragrance. Sweet orange oil is refreshing, tangy and uplifting, as is lemongrass oil. Lavandin is a close relative of lavender and has similarly relaxing properties. Pine oil adds a fresh, green note to the perfume and elemi oil, which is traditionally used in incense recipes, adds complexity and freshness.'

£3.25 each 
With both the girls at school/nursery I thought I'd use that time wisely and use one of the bubble bars from my last LUSH haul.
So the karma bubble bar it was, I'd usually dunk the whole of this in as I love BUBBLES but as I'd promised the girls I'd let them use one of my bubble bars it's only fair to save them some. 
 I broke a little bit off not totally thinking it through camera in one hand, bubble bar in the other with a running bath resulted in getting a chunk in my hand and the other bit of that chunk all over the floor ahh...
I expected it to change the colour of my bath water a little more than it did but lets face it I'm not 5 I can deal with it!
As I mentioned before when I head into lush I don't go in knowing what bath products do what etc, If it smells good it will go in my basket and I read up on it after I've used it.
We all know what happened next don't we?
With Lavadin being an ingredient it goes without saying I crashed out on my bed and eventually woke up at 2:45 3O minutes before I was due to grab the girls, hair a wet mess where I fell asleep with a towel still on my head, a squabble to get my clothes together and get ready for the school pick up. 
Will I be buying this again YES! 
any lush product that has any hint of lavender in is guaranteed to knock me out good and proper.


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