Saturday, 20 September 2014

Mini Matalan Haul

A little while ago I joined up to Matalan reward card and shortly after my card came in the post
with special offers with £1O off a £25 spend online/in store so I took advantage of that with this mini online haul!
You can expect another haul soon as it also came with a 2O% off in store spend voucher too.
What I got
Polar bear mugs with jazzies x2 - £4 each and in the 3 for 2 
(which I didn't realize until they arrived today)
Heart photo frame - £5
Vanilla sugar tinned candle - £3
Charger Xmas plates - £3 each
Spare school shoes for Issy - £5
2O14 Christmas photo frame tree decoration - £3

If you haven't already I'd highly recommend joining up to Matalans reward card club!


  1. Oh i do love the heart photo frame!! <3

    1. Isn't it gorgeous! It's so much bigger than I expected it to be, going to sit perfectly on my bedside table with a picture of me and Andy in :) x

  2. oh god, so many cute christmassy things!

    - helen rose x