Sunday, 12 October 2014

Body Shop @ Home | The perfect girls night in

There's nothing better than having the girls round for the night, for a girls night in!
What better way to enjoy a night in then flicking through the new body shop catalogue with a consultant letting you have a try and a sniff of the products,the chance to get your hands on some freebies,a raffle and plenty of offers? I love body shop but I never really go into the stores I have no idea why maybe its the fact you enter and get pounced on instantly? That always puts me off in shops, I know it's because they want to help but it really bothers me.
I like to shop/browse in peace
My sister in-law used to do the parties so I'd always put my orders in through her but she no longer does it but what with Christmas on it's way and my birthday not long passing it was the perfect thing to get the girls round for the night, body shop have lots of great little sets with reasonable prices to go along with them with an added 2O% off through out the catalogue.

When booking my party I had no intention of joining up as a consultant/rep myself but come the end of the night I was seriously considering it and found myself signing myself up and now I'm raring to get going with this new venture :)

You can book a party of your own by going to The Body Shop website! 


  1. Ohh good luck with your new little job! i adore bodyshop there products are amazing <3

    1. Thank you lovely :) Well if you ever fancy making an order ;) x