Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Finding out Daisie had CCAM

If your a new reader of my blog your probably wondering what the hell CCAM is? which is mentioned over to the right >
You can read my post on it 'here'

(as I'm thinking about what to type my heart is in my mouth just like it was that day, so I apologize if this post ends up a bit of a mess )
I found out at my routine 21 week scan, I'd had 3 scans previously 8 weeks, 12 weeks and a private sexing scan at 16 weeks! This one for me was double confirmation that she was still in fact a girl and not grown any extras as everything was fine with all 3 previous scans what was there to worry about?
As the lady began scanning I was just in a daze of seeing my baby blowing bubbles, having a wiggle, how much she had grown since the last scan all those little things you take in. 
I was chatting away about how the lady had scanned a lot longer then they did when I was pregnant with Issy, she'd turned on the little option they have that gives them all these different colours on the screen, I looked over to my mum and could see her crying I'm still none the wiser to anything but my mum knew all those colours meant something and didn't necessarily mean good still I didn't take much in. Then it came I'm going to get someone else to scan you I've noticed a shadow on baby's lung. 
Off we go into the waiting room I was in such a daze I found myself asking the question are lungs important? she'll be okay they aren't needed that much, I laugh about it now and put it down to me being thick but as loads have said it's more likely that I was in that much shock my mind just couldn't process it all.
Along came the consultant he led us into another room, he began to scan and confirmed Daisie had a problem with her lung and it looked like CCAM they'd be sending me to kings college hospital for all future scans as they had a CCAM clinic up there. 
The main thing I processed and tbh it angered me! He told me Daisie may need operating on as soon as she was born meaning I wouldn't even get to hold my baby which sent me into hysterics even more my tiny baby being cut open before I even get to hold her. Throw the worst at me why don't you! But I suppose I'd be just as angry if he let me leave get my head around it and find that out for myself,
Another fact that wound me up about it all we were sent home with the little information we were given and google through out the pregnancy we didn't even receive a small leaflet to explain things better/help get our heads around it, I spent the rest of my pregnancy terrified that her CCAM had grown.
From then on I had scans every 4 weeks to monitor and see if the CCAM had grown at all, as each week neared as excited as I was to see our baby and how she'd grown each one I dreaded finding out it had grown luckily it didn't but in some cases it can grow so much it can affect the heart by moving it over!
Luckily Daisie's was very small and hasn't caused her any problems you all may think I'm nutts and feel free to but I believe the reason her CCAM is mild is because of the Reiki I received while pregnant during my reiki session the woman performing it had said she can't move from my stomach and her hands were getting really hot a few weeks later we find out about Daisie's CCAM.
I'm yet to chase them up for her second CT scan to see where we stand on the operation front, they were supposed to contact me on her 2nd birthday! 


  1. This is what makes you an even better mom! you are an inspiration shes such a beautiful happy little girl <3

    1. Awe your so lovely! Thank you it really means alot x

  2. Daisy's are very special xxx my little Daisy gave us a fright at scans too, she was diagnosed as having a transverse limb (no fingers on her right hand) but just like your little flower she is a happy beautiful girl xxx

    1. Awe love her, Daisy's are just the best we are very lucky mummys to have our little flowers! :) x