Sunday, 26 October 2014

Pumpkin Patch '14

This year rather than buy our pumpkins from Asda I wanted to do something a bit more special, So this year we paid our local pumpkin patch a visit.
Visiting the pumpkin patch will now be a yearly thing it's just so much more magical/special than just grabbing one from our local asda and it's a morning/afternoon out of the house, The girls had so much fun having a hunt through and picking the perfect pumpkin!
We ended up leaving with 4 me not quite knowing what a kilo is was more than happy to grab some more little ones, £1O later the 4 we'd picked were ready to come home with us, So it cost me abit more than what a trip to asda to grab some would have cost but you can't put a price on fun can you?
Once we got home we had a cooked breakfast/lunch with the sausages and bacon we got while we were there and spent the rest of the day watching films.
I can't wait to drive and make a trip to the farm shop a weekly thing, I can see it now heading out while the girls and Andy are still snoozing or in tow to go and get the veg for our Sunday roast. 

Andy filmed our trip to the pumpkin patch right up to carving one of the pumpkins so keep your eyes peeled for the link if you wish to have a watch. 

(Daisie is smiling and not crying I promise)


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