Monday, 20 October 2014

We went to Diggerland!

A little while ago we were lucky enough to win 4 tickets to Diggerland thanks to the lovely Liz over at missielizzie-meandmyshadow
Yesterday we took advantage of our tickets and went to Digglerland in strood for the day, We left nice and early to be sure to miss all the madness,ques and to allow us time to get lost. For the first hour or two the ques were very little even when the park did get busy the ques weren't massively long some we did skip as the girls were getting grumpy waiting but we were on the rides in under 1O minutes at the most.
We got to drive tractors, go on the dig-a-round, dig for treasure, drive dumper trucks, go on the sky shuttle which gave us a birds eye view of the whole park and much more. None of us were brave enough for the famous spin dizzy (I'm sick on the spinning chairs so I wasn't risking it lol)
Not only is there lots of Digger fun there's also a soft play area, some arcade games,a bouncy castle aswell as a play park and a sand area. With a wide range of hot and cold food available too perfect! We took a lunch with us but next time I'll be going with nothing but some money and a camera the food looked delicious with very reasonable price to go along with it. There were two rides Daisie wasn't allowed on which was heart breaking after her being so excited seeing one of the diggers had her name on we assumed it was a ride for her age as they were from bob the builder but she was just under the minimum height to ride seeing her little face was awful but she assumed it was that her aunty Kirsty was to big and she very excitedly waited to go on something else while I took Issy for a spin around the track as much as we didn't get why she couldn't go on as an adult would have hold of her and it looked pretty safe for her compared to some of the others she was allowed on I'd rather her safe then risking her go on and end up with a nasty injury.
We didn't go on everything but will certainly go back and make sure to go on it all.
Before we had even left the girls asked could we go again tomorrow, So it's safe to say we will be returning as soon as we can we are dying to take daddy along with us next time!


  1. Diggerland looks like fun, great for children and adults! xx

    1. It's so much fun :) It's amazing the things they've thought of, I'd never imagine a digger being a swinging/spinning chairs ride x