Saturday, 29 November 2014

Snapfish phone app - 5O FREE prints a month

During the week I received an email telling me about the snapfish app which allows you 5O FREE prints a month for a whole year!
All you have to do is pay the £1.99 postage, I'm a sucker for some photo prints of the many snaps I take so it goes without saying that I took full advantage of the offer and made my first order.
2-3 days later they landed through my letterbox, A lot of the photos I chose I hadn't rotated so I expected to have some miniature pictures because they had been printed round the wrong way like I've had before when I never rotated my pictures with another photo printing company but for the £1.99 it wasn't a total loss if they that happened again but to my surprise every photo had been printed the correct way!
Each photo was one taken on my phone so I also didn't expect the quality to be all that but again the quality of each print is amazing considering the quality of phone pictures.
Safe to say I'm going to be taking full advantage of the 5O FREE prints a month offer without a doubt,You can download the app by simply searching 'snapfish' in your app store.
No code needed your 5O FREE print per month offer will automatically be applied when you download the app.

Have you tried the snapfish app?

Thursday, 27 November 2014

LUSH Haul Nov '14

This is my first order with LUSH cosmetics new completely naked packaging! 

D'Fluff strawberry shaving soap 7Og - £5.75
 We’ve whisked up our shaving soap with fresh strawberries and cocoa butter to create a gorgeous bit of fluff that leaves you silky smooth. This marshmallowy treat contains coconut oil, golden syrup, and egg whites to create a light texture that makes de-fluffing a dream.

Luxury lush pud bath bomb - £3.5O
 Unwind (or calm down excited children) with this soothing bath bomb. Perfect before bedtime, drop this in the bath and watch it create pastel-coloured islands in the pink water as it fizzes and froths. Sharing its fragrance with Twilight bath bomb, the comforting tonka absolute, ylang ylang, and relaxing lavender oils will help banish tension.

Shoot for the stars bath bomb - £3.5O
 Paint the swirling colours of the night sky over the surface of your bathwater with this multi-coloured bath bomb. Drop this in your bathwater and watch it shoot around the bath releasing multiple colours before leaving a trail of quicksilver. As the spinning and swirling orb comes to a standstill, enjoy the sweet scent found in Honey I Washed The Kids and the calming, shimmering midnight blue water.

Golden wonder bath bomb - £3.75
 If you're wondering what's inside this golden bath bomb, give it a shake and drop it in the bath to reveal its glittering contents. Soak in its soft citrus fragrance as the vibrant gifts inside unveil themselves and make you feel as if you're bathing in luxury. The uplifting blend of sweet orange, lime and cognac oils will leave you feeling cheerful. 

Father christmas bath bomb - £3.5O
 A festive bath bomb to bring Santa's presence into the bath. Once you pop this jolly bomb in your bath, it turns your water from bright red to vivid green. This year, Father Christmas will fill your bathroom with the popular sweet scent of Snow Fairy. All we want for Christmas is this Santa, baby!

Cosmetic warrior face mask - £6.5O
 A gentle and balancing fresh face mask with antibacterial tea tree and fresh garlic working together to cleanse. Fresh green grapes clean and cool the skin, whilst free range eggs tighten its texture and antimicrobial honey leaves it soft and moisturised. Smooth a generous layer of this mask onto your face and leave for 10 to 15 minutes.

 and my free issue of LUSH times!
Have you had a LUSH haul recently? 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Make it personal with Snapfish

With christmas on the way you can't beat that personal touch for nannys and grandmas, My mums a sucker for a personalized calendar with 4 older brothers she is without a doubt going to end up with a fair few but she still loves them none the less.
On snapfish not only can you get your standard prints done but you can choose from a HUGE range of different things acrylic blocks,mugs,calendars (4 different styles not to mention a choice of sizes too) Christmas tree decorations,photo books,cards,posters,canvas and much more including animated gifts too!
With so much on offer it was so hard to choose what to get but in the end I settled for a calendar each for my mum and Andy's mum, a porcelain mug for my mum and a cheeky present for myself a gorgeous tree decoration.
It's really simple to do, I had a bit of trouble getting it to load the option to get photos from my laptop but got their in the end, to make it easier you also have the option to upload from Facebook too.
My items arrived in 3 separate deliveries but each one arrived one after the other and within 4 days maximum for the last delivery. I'm super pleased with the quality of each of my items.
While showing a friend the pictures I'd got ready for this review, she couldn't wait to get her hands on some for christmas presents this year.

Enjoy the company of that special someone, every time you take a sip 
 With my mum having arthritis in her wrists she struggles to hold a normal mug so as soon as I saw a porcelain one I just had to get her one with one of my favourite photos of her and my dad from when they were younger.

Start a tradition by creating your own collection of photo ornaments and adding to it each year. With a Porcelain star with your choice of photo in the centre.
As soon as I saw the option of having a photo of the girls in a christmas ornament I just had to have one, I'd love to add to my collection with a new picture every christmas of my girls as they grow. Will be on the list to get grandma and nanny one too!

 Share a year of smiles! 
Enjoy your photos every day of the year with a unique photo calendar.
When your a nanny of 12 and a great nanny 6 it's handy to have each of their birthdays jotted down to remember when they all are instead of having to write it down in pen and risk running out of space, Having it already printed in the calendar is perfect!
(Unless I'm doing up your calendar and not only get one of the dates wrong BUT also missing a few daughter in-laws birthdays out)
Snapfish offer 4 different styles of calendar each with a range of sizes and an even wider range of backgrounds to use.

Don't fancy having each birthday printed off? Or have a few birthdays in one day one being your own?
You can pop in a picture of the birthday girl/boy!
My mum not only shares her birthday with two of her sons but they are all born on April fools day I'm promise I'm not early and its not an April fools. So with each of the boys birthdays jotted down as well as a happy birthday message to my mum a picture of her as a little girl in the box just added that special touch!

*I was very kindly sent a voucher code in exchange for an honest review on items I purchased. All opinions are 100% my own

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Winter Wants #1

Friday, 14 November 2014

Christmas Decorations £1 & 99p

ALL items were either from poundland, 99p store, wilkos and card factory.
(Christmas throw £5 ASDA)

Yep it's November and all the christmas posts have started so have another :)
It's no secret I LOVE poundland and a good bargain, no christmas would be complete without popping in and buying loads of christmas decorations despite doing the same every year so they really aren't needed!
The minute the christmas bits start showing up in the shops there I am everyday stalking the isle like some kind of grim reaper waiting to spot something new as you've got to be quick, poundland is just like primark you've got to grab it while you see it or it might not be coming back!
This is just the start of what I've managed to grab this year so far minus the 4 tea light holders I really didn't need (I forgot to include them in the photo bundle)
There was another bauble to accompany that lonely little bauble at the back but my darling dog decided she'd eat it -_- 

Have you picked up any bargain christmas decorations this year?

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Making Christmas Magical

Magic Reindeer dust 99p from card factory & Santa letter Asda £1

Each year I make sure we do all the little things that make christmas all that more special/magical while the girls still believe!
I'm a sucker for everything being magical but now Issy's older and going up in school she's showing signs of knowing Santa isn't real :( *heartbroken*
Now that she can read when I used the Santa fake call app to get them into bed the night before she done her own detective work the day after and read that it said fake and when she called he didn't talk back, I said it's because he doesn't speak to children before christmas only adults but there is no denying the fake part of the app name, Time for a phone password maybe? Then there the Santa's on the tele aren't real because how did they get in there? Oh to be a child again.
The writing to Santa, Christmas lists, Reindeer food, leaving out a mince pie,milk and a carrot, sprinkling the magic reindeer dust so they know where to land and Santa's special key hung on the door so he can get in,Letters from Santa,Christmas eve boxes this year I'm hoping to get my hands on some christmassy bedding for the girls too.
We do it all! I'm always on the hunt for other little things to make it magical while I can, I'm going to be that mum that's still doing this sort of stuff when my girls are 18 and while they are rolling their eyes and cringing.

Is there anything magical you do at christmas time to make it all the more magical?

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Tartan VS Pastel Christmas '14

Tartan VS Pastel Christmas '14

This year I was pretty sure my mind was made up on having our white tree up with tartan decorations, me and the girls wearing tartan dresses for christmas dinner BUT then I imagined a white tree with pastel decorations which also looks gorgeous in my mind! 
I've gone crazy on tartan so it's likely tartan will win the battle but I am thinking of a 3FT white tree somewhere with pastel decorations so I can be naughty and have the two. 
Isn't one of the rules as a woman if you can't decide go with both? As nothing haunts us more then the things we didn't buy etc?
Each of these items can be found on the Wilkos & Asda website apart frim the tartan heart and star tree decorations they are from poundland which I've already grabbed myself.
What colour scheme would you go for out of the two?
What colours are you going for this year?


Saturday, 8 November 2014

LUSH - Lord of Misrule

Inspired by the ruler of the Pagan Feast of Fools, Lord of Misrule brings mischievous revelry to the tub with a spicy herbal blend of patchouli and black pepper oil. As it slowly froths in the water, hypnotic swirling silver luster is released and the deep green exterior soon gives way to a rich, wine-colored center. Just like at the Feast of Fools, when the wine begins flowing, the revelry really begins! Popping candies fizz and crackle, creating a world of magic and mischief right before your eyes.

I'm pretty sure I paid £3.5O but it's no longer on the lush website as Lord of misrule is one of their Halloween bath bombs so I can't be 1OO% sure.
I grabbed lord of misrule on my most recent trip to lush in Bromley they didn't have many of the ones I set out to buy but I finally got my hands on this one! 
Pink was one colour I didn't expect to see but as always LUSH always pack their bath bombs with all sorts of surprises, I loved how it left my bath looking like a watermelon until I climbed in and mixed it all together. 
I won't need to go into to much detail on colours etc as I have the video of my one up on my you tube 
If you want to see regular bath bomb demos you can subscribe to my channel 'here'

Friday, 7 November 2014

The Body Shop Christmas Scents

This year the body shop has 3 gorgeous new scents this christmas! 
Vanilla Brulee, Glazed Apple & Frosted Cranberry I managed to get my hands on all of them and each one smells amazing.
I love my vanilla I'm like a walking Mr Whippy I use the Vanilla shower gel,body butter,lip balm and the EDT, my house is pretty much the same vanilla candles and vanilla air freshner.
You can get yourself gift sets of these scents ranging from as little as £7 - £25 or buy them separately with items starting from £2.5O.

I'll let you into a little secret if you book yourself a party or contact your local body shop at home consultant you can get your hands on this years customer specials if you spend over £3O you have the option to get yourself a full size body butter,shower gel & lip balm for £7! In either of these scents, not to mention the other great customer specials and offers your local consultant can offer you. Perfect to give as a christmas present or to keep for yourself.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

4D scans - Yay or Nay?

 Issy at 26 weeks 

Daisie at 27 weeks & 5 days

I had a 4d scan with both my girls with Issy I was 26 weeks into my pregnancy and with Daisie I was 27 weeks and 5 days. The recommended stage of pregnancy to get the best results/images of baby is between 24 - 32 weeks anything before that is more fluid then baby (image below of mine at 16 weeks) and anything after baby is well packed in so you may not get the best look at bubs.
I'd definitely have another with any future babies unless they have a new way of futuristic scanning, It's that far away that I plan to have anymore sadly.
Although looking back the broodiness is very slowly rearing its head,
If your one who would rather a total surprise a 4D scan may not be for you, it's amazing to watch baby blow bubbles,have a good wiggle, gulping and all the other interesting things they get up to in there!
Each one cost me around £15O although it seems pricey it is honestly so worth it, With each scan I received a dvd of the whole scan and some printed images. They may be cheaper now as I went for my two in 2OO7 and 2O11.
It's an amazing keepsake to look back on and I can't wait to pass it on to the girls in their memory boxes once they are older so they can show their children.
 I also had a 4D preview when I went along to my local babybond clinic for an early sexing scan with Daisie at 16 weeks & 5 days (considering I wanted a surprise but I became totally obsessed) I wouldn't recommend going for a 4D scan at this stage because baby is still on the small side. Although its just as amazing to see baby as you can see from my one you don't get to see as much detail as you would if you was further along in your pregnancy.

Daisie at 16 weeks and 5 days

As you've probably gathered I give 4D scans a yay if your in a position where you can afford one.
Have you had a 4D scan? Was your experience as magical as promised?

Monday, 3 November 2014

5 Positive Things - #PositiveNovember

Andy surprised me with the pandora bracelet that appeared in my birthday wishlist with no reason at all other than according to him I deserve it! Feeling special

My laptop finally opened up my brothers book his written/writing and I've finally made a start on reading it and it's good! 

Although it needs a bit of work we have our VW beetle 
A lovely hot bath ran by Andy is waiting for me once I've finished this post

Although I ended up pretty wet and could hardly see out of my glasses, I got caught by the rain twice today the second much heavier than the first but rather than rush/run home I just took it in and it was actually really refreshing and lovely.

LUSH - Shoot for the stars

'Paint the swirling colours of the night sky over the surface of your bathwater with this multi-coloured bath bomb. Drop this in your bathwater and watch it shoot around the bath releasing multiple colours before leaving a trail of quicksilver. As the spinning and swirling orb comes to a standstill, enjoy the sweet scent found in Honey I Washed The Kids and the calming, shimmering midnight blue water.'
£3.5O each
When I attended the Bluewater LUSH event (which you can read all about here)
I grabbed myself shoot for the stars I did have a video of it in action but as Andy's new to his gopro it ended up getting lost :( so I HAVE to repurchase just so we can retake it right?
I thought I'd got some pictures with my camera but seems I didn't so my naff phone camera shot will have to do!
WOW just really doesn't cover this one! I know I say it a lot but honestly if you've used this bath bomb I'm sure you'll agree.
Not only did it leave my bath all sorts of gorgeous colours, it left the bottom of my bath pitch black like a night sky and the top a deep blue I thought it came from the random bike part Andy used to hold down the gopro but it was the bathbomb not only did it look like a night sky there was also a mixture of different size stars AND glitter!!! 
I didn't actually get in the bath as Andy was just testing out his new camera so I can't comment on how it left my skin but I left the water in the tub for the rest of the evening just for that extra test and it didn't leave a mark, a part from glitter you'd never have guessed my bath was full of black water for a whole night.
This is a must purchase this year if you haven't grabbed yourself one yet go get one!

Have you tried any of this years LUSH christmas range?

Sunday, 2 November 2014

5 Positive Things - #PositiveNovember

After  a lot of let downs Andy's bike was finally sold and collected and we are now one step closer to our VW beetle 

The girls settled down for bed without any fuss although I feel a bit lost without going up and down answering all their requests they think of.

  Beetlejuice is on tele.

The whole content feeling of being snuggled in my dressing gown, knowing the girls are snoozing happily after a lovely roast and a bath full of confetti and bath crackles.

 The fact I have plenty of crisps to pig out on!

Saturday, 1 November 2014

5 Positive Things - #PositiveNovember

 The lovely Heather over at prettylittleteacupp has started her November off with a new linky!
And what better linky then a positive one?
I'm one for focusing on everything I do wrong daily rather than what I did right and the positives of the day.
So here goes...

Daisie done something that she hasn't done in what seems like a year, she was snuggled up to me watching some tele before I knew it I had dozed off and was woken up to her snoring away all curled into me.

I finally gave in and let Issy have some of my post it notes and she gave me and Andy a note each saying how much she loves us and will do forever, forever, forever.

It's November!!!!! The Halloween decorations are down ready to go back up into the loft and I'm dying to get up the shops and see if there's any Halloween stuff on sale.

Although its not totally great or 1OO%  I'm healthy and I'm happy.

 Most websites have their christmas collections up, so I'll be spending the rest of my evenings lusting over it all.

Hello November

As if we are in November already? Where the hell is this year going?
Now that I've had my pre christmas freak out that almost cost Andy his Juglar vein and almost slung out by his ear (I was that stressed out)
I'm ready for the hustle and bustle of Novemeber being out doing a spot of christmas shopping stepping into a shop in broad daylight and heading out when it's dark outside with all the shop displays shining as I walk away.
My wardrobe is looking like a Frozen warehouse almost every toy in there is related to Frozen in some way and I love it!
I honestly can't wait to see the girls faces on Christmas day watching them getting all excited over a toy review on YouTube knowing it's up in my wardrobe waiting for them has got to be the best feeling!
As the nights get darker quicker, I would say colder but its the 1st Nov and it honestly felt like summer today what the hell is going on?
I'm not complaining but November and a summers day just really doesn't feel right, As much as I miss the summer I'm also so ready to get in my winter warmers pulling out my strawberry wooly hat and being snug on the school runs. Even tho my footwear is nowhere near ready I NEED some warm boots.
I'm looking forward to wrapping the girls up warm before we head out and returning home and whipping up a hot chocolate.
Everything feels so cosy can snuggle down in Pj's, slip slops with some candles and the whole house feels so much more calmer and cosy.
AND Firework night is only 4 sleeps away, as much of a pain in the bum fireworks are its another event that makes my heart burst and brings my little family that little bit closer!