Saturday, 1 November 2014

5 Positive Things - #PositiveNovember

 The lovely Heather over at prettylittleteacupp has started her November off with a new linky!
And what better linky then a positive one?
I'm one for focusing on everything I do wrong daily rather than what I did right and the positives of the day.
So here goes...

Daisie done something that she hasn't done in what seems like a year, she was snuggled up to me watching some tele before I knew it I had dozed off and was woken up to her snoring away all curled into me.

I finally gave in and let Issy have some of my post it notes and she gave me and Andy a note each saying how much she loves us and will do forever, forever, forever.

It's November!!!!! The Halloween decorations are down ready to go back up into the loft and I'm dying to get up the shops and see if there's any Halloween stuff on sale.

Although its not totally great or 1OO%  I'm healthy and I'm happy.

 Most websites have their christmas collections up, so I'll be spending the rest of my evenings lusting over it all.


  1. Thankyou for doing it bubs! <3 nice you had a little snozzy cuddle with daisy
    lots of love sweet xoxo