Friday, 14 November 2014

Christmas Decorations £1 & 99p

ALL items were either from poundland, 99p store, wilkos and card factory.
(Christmas throw £5 ASDA)

Yep it's November and all the christmas posts have started so have another :)
It's no secret I LOVE poundland and a good bargain, no christmas would be complete without popping in and buying loads of christmas decorations despite doing the same every year so they really aren't needed!
The minute the christmas bits start showing up in the shops there I am everyday stalking the isle like some kind of grim reaper waiting to spot something new as you've got to be quick, poundland is just like primark you've got to grab it while you see it or it might not be coming back!
This is just the start of what I've managed to grab this year so far minus the 4 tea light holders I really didn't need (I forgot to include them in the photo bundle)
There was another bauble to accompany that lonely little bauble at the back but my darling dog decided she'd eat it -_- 

Have you picked up any bargain christmas decorations this year?