Monday, 3 November 2014

LUSH - Shoot for the stars

'Paint the swirling colours of the night sky over the surface of your bathwater with this multi-coloured bath bomb. Drop this in your bathwater and watch it shoot around the bath releasing multiple colours before leaving a trail of quicksilver. As the spinning and swirling orb comes to a standstill, enjoy the sweet scent found in Honey I Washed The Kids and the calming, shimmering midnight blue water.'
£3.5O each
When I attended the Bluewater LUSH event (which you can read all about here)
I grabbed myself shoot for the stars I did have a video of it in action but as Andy's new to his gopro it ended up getting lost :( so I HAVE to repurchase just so we can retake it right?
I thought I'd got some pictures with my camera but seems I didn't so my naff phone camera shot will have to do!
WOW just really doesn't cover this one! I know I say it a lot but honestly if you've used this bath bomb I'm sure you'll agree.
Not only did it leave my bath all sorts of gorgeous colours, it left the bottom of my bath pitch black like a night sky and the top a deep blue I thought it came from the random bike part Andy used to hold down the gopro but it was the bathbomb not only did it look like a night sky there was also a mixture of different size stars AND glitter!!! 
I didn't actually get in the bath as Andy was just testing out his new camera so I can't comment on how it left my skin but I left the water in the tub for the rest of the evening just for that extra test and it didn't leave a mark, a part from glitter you'd never have guessed my bath was full of black water for a whole night.
This is a must purchase this year if you haven't grabbed yourself one yet go get one!

Have you tried any of this years LUSH christmas range?


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