Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Making Christmas Magical

Magic Reindeer dust 99p from card factory & Santa letter Asda £1

Each year I make sure we do all the little things that make christmas all that more special/magical while the girls still believe!
I'm a sucker for everything being magical but now Issy's older and going up in school she's showing signs of knowing Santa isn't real :( *heartbroken*
Now that she can read when I used the Santa fake call app to get them into bed the night before she done her own detective work the day after and read that it said fake and when she called he didn't talk back, I said it's because he doesn't speak to children before christmas only adults but there is no denying the fake part of the app name, Time for a phone password maybe? Then there the Santa's on the tele aren't real because how did they get in there? Oh to be a child again.
The writing to Santa, Christmas lists, Reindeer food, leaving out a mince pie,milk and a carrot, sprinkling the magic reindeer dust so they know where to land and Santa's special key hung on the door so he can get in,Letters from Santa,Christmas eve boxes this year I'm hoping to get my hands on some christmassy bedding for the girls too.
We do it all! I'm always on the hunt for other little things to make it magical while I can, I'm going to be that mum that's still doing this sort of stuff when my girls are 18 and while they are rolling their eyes and cringing.

Is there anything magical you do at christmas time to make it all the more magical?


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    1. Isn't it cute! No way was I leaving without it when it was only 99p :) Thank you for stopping by x

  2. This is a cute post! My niece is 6 in January and is still very much under the impression that Santa is real, I think it'll break my heart when she gets a bit older and realises it's all a big lie :( so important to keep it magical for as long as possible!

    Charli | Charlotte Rose