Sunday, 9 November 2014

Tartan VS Pastel Christmas '14

Tartan VS Pastel Christmas '14

This year I was pretty sure my mind was made up on having our white tree up with tartan decorations, me and the girls wearing tartan dresses for christmas dinner BUT then I imagined a white tree with pastel decorations which also looks gorgeous in my mind! 
I've gone crazy on tartan so it's likely tartan will win the battle but I am thinking of a 3FT white tree somewhere with pastel decorations so I can be naughty and have the two. 
Isn't one of the rules as a woman if you can't decide go with both? As nothing haunts us more then the things we didn't buy etc?
Each of these items can be found on the Wilkos & Asda website apart frim the tartan heart and star tree decorations they are from poundland which I've already grabbed myself.
What colour scheme would you go for out of the two?
What colours are you going for this year?



  1. We're doing tartan this year too. I bought a white tree last year but I don't like it so we're buying a green one this year. I think my girls are having tartan dresses too! Haha! x x x

    1. Great minds ;) Why can't we live closer :(
      I've gone tartan crazy lately x