Wednesday, 10 December 2014

StarLyte Candles

The other week I don't know how but I came across 'theworks' website, Originally drawn in by all the Disney Frozen bargains for the girls Christmas eve boxes, Down the side popped up a glass jarred candle very similar to yankee candle for just £3.99? I have way to many candles but of course that beauty went straight in my basket and off I went on the hunt for more scents, I was more than happy to pay the £3.99 but whats that it's in the 3 for £1O gift offer?
I'll take every scent you have!
So in the basket went 3 16oz candles Mulled wine,Winter Cotton and Vanilla creme.

I grabbed the mulled wine for my mum as its one of her favourite scents and I can't seem to find one by Yankee maybe it has such a posh name little common as muck me hasn't cottoned on to it being mulled wine. I've had a sniff of this and now I'm dying to put in another order for one myself. 

I'm really not keen on the smell of this one it smells like I've opened up a pack of biscuits and it really bits my nose (best way I can explain it) It has quite a harsh smell to it, I have Vanilla frosting by Yankee which I wasn't keen on either and this smells identical so perfect for anyone that love the baking kind of scents.

Winter cotton is by far my fave scent out of the three so much so I see myself grabbing another with my next order along with the cinnamon which I spotted having a peek at the website the other day.
As soon as you open the jar your instantly hit with that fresh washing smell and it smells divine.
The label seems pretty christmas themed so it may be one that comes out at christmas time if I can bare to tuck it away until next year.

Have you tried Starlytes candles?


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