Monday, 8 December 2014

The Christmas Tag

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What is/are your favourite Christmas film?
The Grinch is one of my top faves! I'm so glad that its one of Daisie's too, lately every time I've asked what film she'd like to watch the answer has been the Grinch! Then ELF who doesn't love that film?

Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
Christmas morning it just doesn't seem right to open them all on christmas eve but I always get my Jim jams from my mum on christmas eve so I can wear them through out christmas day! 

Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
In 2OO9 when Issy was coming up to 2 years old I went stupidly over the top with presents so much so she ended up crying because she didn't want to open anymore presents.

Favourite Festive Food?
This is where I get a bit boring as there's nothing majorly festive that I like but I LOVE my Brussels sprouts and pigs in blankets, A hot chocolate with whipped cream on top always tastes that much better in the festive season too but that's as adventurous as I get when it comes to festive food

Favourite Christmas Gift?
The sally and doctor finklestein statue/figure Andy got me in 2OO9 from America as there is none in England is one of my top faves but each gift I receive I appreciate and love!
Favourite Christmas Scent?
I love spiced apple, This year I have a few Yankee christmas scents and it's to tough to choose just the one! 

Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
The girls always get their new pajamas or dressing gowns ready to wear for christmas day, Last year they got a bag of little goodies and this year they have a christmas eve basket full of treats which will come out and be restocked every year!

What tops your tree?
For the past few years its been a winnie the pooh holding a star which is my mums but this year its a red glitter star to match our red and white theme this year, I have my eye on a star made from twig style wood for next year.

As a kid, what was the one gift you asked for but never received?
I can't actually think of anything, I went through a stage of wanting a horse that I never got if that counts?
I never really asked for it for christmas tho.

What is your favourite Christmas song?
  'Fairytale of New York' by the Pogues is my all time favourtie I started playing it in November, Following that has to be Wizzard - I wish it could be christmas everyday!

 What's the best part of Christmas for you? 
 It has to be seeing the girls get really excited over a toy they've seen and knowing I have it in  my wardrobe waiting to be wrapped and then of course it's seeing how excited the girls get with the build up to christmas and then there's christmas day seeing their faces spot their piles of presents then getting stuck in with the unwrapping!!

I'd love to see your answers if you take part, Feel free to leave me a comment so I can check them out


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