Monday, 15 December 2014

The Girls Non Chocolate Advent Calendars

The girls already had 2 chocolate advent calendars one from us and one they get every year from their school but when I came across these on the Argos website reduced down to £3.99 for the moshi monster one and £4.99 for the monster high beauty one there was no way I could leave them behind! Issy's become monster high obsessed since she saw my monster high dolls I got for my birthday (Yes I got some monster high dolls for my 23rd birthday) So that added to the MUST of getting them.

 In the moshi monster calendar each window reveals a micro figure, Daisie is mad on things like little figures ATM you'll even find her setting up a little play scene out of my tea light candles. She'll sit for hours playing away so this was just perfect for her. She's got a bit ahead of herself and opened a few to many doors.

The monster high one reveals a different kind of beauty product, I'm a little gutted that this one is set out in number order maybe I'm just a big kid but I love the mad hunt for the days number. So far Issy has got some eye shadows, lip glosses,lip balm,body glitter,stickers,hair bands, toe separators,nail file,hair clip.

I'd defiantly buy another toy based advent calendar for the girls next year and leave out the chocolate one as the school provides one every year for each child. Although Issy has asked for a Yankee candle one like my one next year, wheres my baby gone?

Did you get your little ones an advent calendar with a difference this year?


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