Wednesday, 30 December 2015


I've wondered all day whether I should do a 'What I got for Christmas post' but since christmas has been over and I've had some time to catch up with my bloglovin feed I've been hunting what I got for christmas posts and videos because I'm seriously nosey! *insert monkey hiding eyes emoji*
Why don't blogs have emoji options yet?

I won't list each item I got and who they were from because this post would go on forever, I've missed a few things out of the photo like I was sure I had while getting the photo. Some of the things that haven't been pictured are an awesome jack skellington wooly hat because its no secret I'm a HUGE Tim fan, an american sweets box, mascara, family & friends photo frame and an impresive stash of biscuits which was for all of us as a family.

I've been wanting a willow tree statue for awhile now, every time I get into any kind of house conversation I always mention how I'd like one to represent me and the girls, Andy and the girls and me and Andy. 
When delivering our presents my mum mentioned the little bag was breakable and to be careful with it, also that she hadn't got me anything pandora for my bracelet this year but she got me something I've been wanting. Christmas day I finally got to find out exactly what it was and it was the start of my willow tree collection it was the friendship one my mum has called me her best friend since I can remember whenever she's down she turns to me and always apologises for it something I always tell her off for and remind her that its exactly what I'm here for.

I also got plenty of bath stuff lets face it, it just wouldn't be christmas without bath and smelly stuff will it?
I finally got the POLICE perfume I wanted for ages I had planned to get both me and Andy them as the bottles match just different colours but never got round to it before, So I finally got him the mens one and his cousin got me the womens so we can finally display them together in my bedroom! 

I also got some jimjams which aren't pictured because obviously I've lived in them since I got them, I'm guilty of getting into my pyjamas as soon as I know I'm done with going out for the day.
Theres just nothing better than your jarmies when your indoors how Andy doesn't own one pair is beyond me.
I also got some underwear but nobody wants to see that

I also have the Holly Hagan not quite a geordie book on its way to me, I've wanted it for what feels like forever since starting to watch Geordie Shore I'm seriously late to the party on this one and have only watched the last 2/3 series. I've read Vickys and now its just Charlottes on my list, I did plan on lending my nieces copy but she sucks at reading books and I've read a few waiting for her to finish her copy.

If you have a What I got for Christmas post I'd love to have a read, leave me a link below so I can take a peek! 

Monday, 28 December 2015

How we spent Christmas 15'

First of all I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas, I've been so useless with my blog the past two months my plans of any scheduled christmas posts didn't go plan at all after I got seriously swept up in all the christmas madness, flapping left right and centre over anything and everything.

This christmas we had a big family christmas at home.
We had a total of 12 of us for dinner this was our first year having such a big number to cater for or to cater at all usually we go along to my mum and dads for dinner, Luckily we all worked as a team when it came to buying in everything my mum and dad bought and cooked all of the meats, My aunty done all the desserts and I had the easiest bit of all the trimmings.
I DID have every intention of preparing and cooking said trimmings myself but my parents popped in early after going to my brothers, With an hour to go until our other guests would be arriving and dinner should be almost ready to dish I of course was only half dressed in my tights and skirt with my pyjama top on and hair all over the place we won't even mention my face. I had only got as far as setting up the tables and clearing up all the madness of the mornings present opening.
I had no idea that the potatoes would need boiling before going in the oven so thought I had more than enough time *palm face*  Thank god for mum and dad they ended up peeling and prepping all the veg and even manning the cooking of them on their first christmas off! 
While I finished getting myself sorted, the final pieces of the table and general unnecessary flapping around
Sorry mumsie and pops next year I promise to be more with my time keeping. This Christmas was the first time my mum and dad left the house for christmas dinner in 48 years!!
My dads a hard one to get out the house to any kind of event as you may have read in my beefeater post, once he's out he loves it but its the getting him to come along in the first place.
The cherry on the cake this christmas for me was hearing my dad talking to Daisie about christmas telling her that this years was the best christmas.
It went so well I've been wondering why I've never hosted christmas at my house before, It was so lovely having everyone that means so much to us around our table.

On christmas eve we decided we wouldn't be getting as many pictures as we did in pervious years and to just enjoy the day by being in the moment rather than watching it through a camera screen. It was lovely I am kind of regretting not getting more than I did tho because I barely got any and the ones I did get are either blurry or the lighting was awful.
I even bought plenty of photo props for the dinner table and didn't even get any of those either I totally underestimated the power of food once our plates were full the photo props was the very last thing on our minds.

With christmas day over with its onto the countdown of Issy's 8th birthday!

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Christmas Eve Boxes '15

This year I made the girls boxes a little more of a permanent fixture and something we will pull out every year if I haven't found another use for them once Christmas has passed.
I went for a plain crate from eBay and done the finishing touches myself with Andy's help, Now I have the crate bug and I want crates in every room!
I'm lucky enough that Andy owns his own vinyl cutting machine so he cut the girls name out in vinyl sticky back and I used that as a template for me to paint onto the boxes one of Issys L's bled slightly under the sticker but I was in no way going to make it worse by correcting it afterwards so opted to just leave it be.

Over all the boxes cost me a total of £16.41 for the both of them
that includes the cost of the ribbon and paints to paint them white and the red for the names.
All of the items inside cost me no more than £1 each!!

I planned to get a lot better photos on my camera but it just wasn't happening I always remembered at the weekend with little eyes around who have been lead to believe the boxes I was painting were for Daddy's tools and to this day they still believe so. With Christmas just round the corner I'm running out of time way to quickly to get any decent pictures of them with school plays to attend, christmas shopping to finish and whatever else likes to pop up this time of year I'm sure you'll forgive me for my shoddy phone photos.

Have you done a Christmas eve basket this year?
 I'd love to read all about them if you've blogged about them! 

Monday, 30 November 2015



What's winter without a good wishlist?
As I've been pretty absent from my blog recently it seemed the perfect way to get me back at it.
H&M is the one website I could spend hours on filling up my basket usually just to laugh hysterically at the total shutting the page down and trying not to cry but if its in my basket I can pretend I almost own it right?

It wasn't until putting together my winter wants that I realised I have a serious woolly hat problem!
It's no secret if you know me personally that I love a good woolly hat but I didn't realise it was a 4 woolly hats in one post kind of love, I've already purchased two new woolly ones this year.
I usually love a good cringey hat dangly plaits, giant strawberries but this year I'm opting for a more plain and simple bobble.
I'm really loving camel, khaki and bottle green and greys recently.

Everything pictured above can be found on the H&M website!

Sunday, 22 November 2015


We were recently asked if we would be interested in reviewing the Royal Oak Beefeater in Wrotham after it's new refurbishment, Of course we said we'd love to! I love a bit of beefeater its mine and Andy's go to place if and when we ever have a date night.
This is the first time we've eaten at a Beefeater since their refurbish, I took along my parents as it was one of the only times we are child free and it just seemed perfect. 
On arrival I was amazed how small it was the one I usually go to has a pretty big parking area making the restaurant look huge, Once inside the restaurant was pretty big it was a bit like Mary poppins handbag looks small outside but can fit so much inside. We were kindly greeted by the reception staff, we had arrived a little earlier than our booking time 3O minutes to be exact and was eating our meals by the time our table booking time had come around which for me is brilliant there's nothing worse than arriving early unexpectedly and having to wait around getting in the way of other diners and staff. 
We were seated just behind the labelled bull which was the main thing you saw when you walked in.
Each seating area felt very private and personal other than one or two other diners you couldn't see everyone eating their meal and that for me is a really BIG bonus, there's nothing worse than going to a restaurant and being in full view of everyone while trying to eat.
Our seating area was our table and one other two seater table which for me is the perfect amount for one area, 
I really liked the old look of Beefeater and wasn't to sure you could get much better but I was pleasantly surprised the new look was very modern with family's in mind, each seating area looked inviting and comfortable the mixture of floor levels was a great feature, I loved the wood and brick theme that was carried out throughout the restaurant and the different style bull heads dotted around the restaurant were the perfect finishing touch. 

Shortly after being seated we were greeted by our waitress for the evening Dani and told who our Grill chef would be our grill chef for the evening was Jason. 
Which is something I've never had in the many times I've visited beefeater before it was a very nice touch to be told the name of the chef who plays such an important part of the evening. 
After a little look at our menus we were ready to order, Dani made us aware of some items from the menu that they were out of luckily it wasn't anything we planned to order. Dani was very helpful throughout the evening we didn't feel badgered like I have in other restaurants she was there when we needed her and checked in to check we were okay!
 Me and Andy went for the Beer battered cod and chips (we went for the spicy chips like we always do) My mum went for the Sunday double chicken and my Dad for the flat iron steak.
Each of us thoroughly enjoyed our meals only one small problem was the lack of gravy on the Sunday dinner but other than that each meal was perfect.
For afters me and Andy went for the Eaton mess sundae and my mum went for the sticky toffee pudding which were both heavenly!

We all left the restaurant very pleased with our time there and even more happier with the overall cost of our meals we felt it was worth exactly what we paid for it.
AND my dad is happy to return this is a man that usually is really hard to get out to a meal like this, he left really pleased with how the evening went and has even spoken on returning to the Royal Oak and making eating out a once a month thing.
Royal Oak you've converted my pops!

*DISCLAIMER All opinions and views are entirely my own

Monday, 16 November 2015


My big brother is a major Dawn of the dead fan, I on the other hand had never seen the film before but when he contacted me and asked if I fancied going to Manchester to the Dawn of the dead horror convention group meet up, I at first had my doubts first of all it was quite a distance from my bubble of home comforts and secondly I'd never seen the film and to be totally honest never had the urge to either but I accepted the offer as just being with my brother for the day would have been good enough for me!

I had a little while to prepare and watch the film but in true me fashion I watched it the night before we were due to head up to the event.
Friday morning we began our 4 hour trip to Manchester both journeys the traffic was really good other than one slow moment on the way there where a number of clothing items had what I'm guessing fallen from a van.
Other than that it was pretty straight forward all the way there I say straight forward I wasn't the one driving so it's easy for me to say, We checked into our hotel the diamond lodge a lovely hotel if you happen to be looking for a place to stay in Manchester.
We got ourselves ready my brother as a SWAT zombie and myself as Francine from the make-up room scene (yeah we turned some heads)
We waited for our taxi ready to head off to the night full of amazement for my brother and a night of the unknown for me! 
Luckily the film was playing on a few screens through out the night so I could have a quick catch up and my brother could point out who the special guests were.

The event had been put together by Marcus Lewis all from a facebook group for UK DOTD fans although anyone is very much welcome, One fan had travelled all the way from Ireland to be apart of the event! Any money raised from Friday nights event is being put towards next years event they are hoping to be bigger and better. This event is run entirely by BIG fans and is an event for fans, It honestly felt like you were at a family party none of this money money money that you usually find at such events, They had two of Dawn of the dead 1978 actors that had very kindly come over to the UK especially to meet their fans and what Sincere humble men they were.
You can find DOTD events in america and many other countries but this is the first one in the UK and what a brilliant night it was.

(My little head can be spotted in the back row)

If your a DOTD fan and want to be apart of next years event you can join the facebook page 

Saturday, 31 October 2015


On Tuesday we made our annual trip to pick our pumpkins!
(After an alert on my facebook we also went pumpkin picking on that very day last year too)
We set of just as the weather started warming up and took our usual walk to the farm, Andy had been out previously that morning to withdraw money for our pumpkins and said it really wasn't that cold out but me being me didn't want the girls to get cold and put on their coats and wore my own because I didn't want to take a bag for all the camera stuff BIG mistake!
I was bundled with coats when we wasn't even half way there but was to far from home to bother running them back home.
It was a lot busier there this year so we didn't get as many photos as we had planned to get there was just far to many people as you can probably tell by all the random legs behind us in the photo above,
So it was one of those moments where we grabbed our pumpkins and ran the girls and Andy had actually picked their pumpkins before I had got back from waiting for a wheel barrow to become free.
I had a little look round with the girls they were set on their chosen pumpkins, after Daisie being knocked over she was just ready to go so we did just that.
Sadly a few pumpkins had been smashed and kicked around but there was still plenty left to pick from I just find it sad that the farm opens its doors to make picking your pumpkins that little more fun and people don't seem to respect that, maybe I'm just a moaning myrtle.
I'd set my heart on some little white squashes for a little in door display as I wasn't feeling a pumpkin for myself this year but there wasn't any.
This time as Daisie is no longer in a buggy we got a taxi home to help transport the pumpkins and collection of coats, We didn't have our traditional fry up when we got home as I didn't get anything in for it but we did finish the day off with a papa johns!

Hope you all have a lovely Halloween if you celebrate it! 

Friday, 16 October 2015


So you've read all about the event and your no doubt dying to see the goodies I got my hands on?
If you haven't already read my post about the actual LUSH winter's coming bloggers event you can do so here be warned it is very picture heavy but it's so hard to fit in all the goodness of the night!

If you have read my event post you'd have read that each of us were allowed to select one item from each demonstration to take home and try for free, We had a LUSHoween demo with all your perfect pamper needs, a LUSH christmas everything you'd need for the perfect cosy christmas and LUSH candy christmas with lots of pink!
From the halloween demonstration I went for the 'Don't look at me' facemask which can be seen on my hand in the event post, I'm so excited to give it a try properly! 
From the LUSH christmas demonstration I went for the santa FUN for the girls as Daisie absolutely loves playdoh and always asks can she take it in the bath which is a big no no but thanks to LUSH she can. 
From the LUSH candy christmas I went for the magic wand bubble bar again this was for the girls but being a reusable bubble bar I'm sure I could sneak a bath or two out of it. 
Also in my goody bag was the winter edition of LUSH times a sample pot of lord of misrule shower scream, a sample pot of christingle body conditioner and a sample pot of hair custard.

I also purchased the experimentar bath bomb £3.95, Frozen bath bomb (another one for the girls) £3.95, Intergalactic bath bomb £3.95 and the stardust bath bomb £2.95!
I wasn't originally going to buy the stardust bath bomb as it didn't look all that exciting UNTIL we were showed the demonstration then it was one of those 'that's going straight in my basket' moments.
I made sure I didn't go mad but of course I've been gutted ever since and can't wait to go back over and buy some more. 
I haven't had a lush stash for quite some time now so the event was perfect to get my teeth back into my love for lush again.

I will be doing further posts on each bath bombs so keep your peepers out for those if you're interested to read more about them.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Anxiety & Me | CBT Therapy

I thought it was time I done an up to date post on my anxiety as it's been awhile since I done a post solely on just my anxiety, it's appeared briefly in a few of my most recent posts. 
I can't remember if I had mentioned in my last Anxiety & me post but I was offered a 6 week course of Cognitive behavioural therapy. 
The first hurdle for me was the phone call assessment the whole idea of an hour phone call was a big enough hurdle as it is but I managed it and that call alone made me realise how I don't want to say traumatic the whole situation with Daisies due date mix up was because that seems pretty dramatic but in all honestly it kind of was, knowing that if I had been left any longer she may not be with us today. 
After the phone call I was told I'd receive an appointment when the next available slot comes up, it did and pretty quickly but I had no way of getting there so shortly after I received a call offering me a more local appointment, Then came D day no one was free to be able to come along with me and I was ready to not turn up but I pushed myself not only for myself but for my girls if I wanted to get better I needed to accept the help I was given.
I absolutely hated my first appointment and from that point I was sure I wasn't returning but after calming down and thinking it over I stuck it out and went along to the second appointment which was so much better.
At the time I never understood how the appointments were helping me because to me it felt like I turned up and just had a chat for 45 minutes with a stranger but that helped in some kind of way, As the weeks went on I was noticing little differences and before I knew it my 6 weeks were up! 
Since my therapy I've been nice and early on the school runs leaving the girls time to play before school starts if you read my Last mum through the gate post you'll know that I purposely made sure we wouldn't get to the gate until everyone else was leaving which left me snappy and getting in a flap. 
Not only that but as mentioned briefly in a previous post unrelated to anxiety I mentioned attending a firework display and 3 parks without once feeling overwhelmed and like I just had to get home as soon as I could but I sat and enjoyed the moment taking it all in just like I used to.
I spend most of mornings having breakfast with some mum friends, I'm happy to go on buses and trains alone shopping, I will go over to people I know and say Hi if they haven't noticed me rather than sneaking past hoping they don't, I feel confident to be applying for jobs as much as I can.
Now I'm not going to say I'm completely free of anxiety I still get very anxious in certain situations and I can't relax with my bag out in areas I'm not familiar with or visit every day but maybe I'm just very aware of the possibilities.
CBT therapy certainly has helped me and I still find it crazy how because I really didn't think it would after my first appointment so I'm really glad I stuck it out. 
I feel like I've been given my wings back and I'm able to fly.

I highly recommend CBT therapy to anyone with anxiety if you're offered it, It's not for everyone but it certainly was for me and the difference is amazing! 

Sunday, 11 October 2015



I was very luckily invited to my local LUSH winter is coming bloggers event, after my anxiety getting the better of me when the spring event came around and I totally bottled it I was amazed to have been given a second chance at attending one of their events. 
So with my anxiety being so much better now I was determined to make it and I did just that.

I arrived at the event a little early so made a pit stop at mc'donalds just around the corner, When I arrived back some of the other lovely bloggers were eagerly waiting to get into the lushy goodness.
With a quick hello we were allowed in to explore the store and grab any pictures we wished to get before getting stuck into what lush had in store for us.
we were offered drinks and snacks which we were welcome to tuck into throughout the event
In true lush fashion we drank our drinks from lush tubs, I absolutely loved that little touch it sealed the whole lush experience perfectly.

(I really should have stuck to my nail appointment)

We were given our name stickers and amazingly Fran the bromleys store trainee manager knew me by my email address straight away when she read my name tag, I still get myself in a kerfuffle getting the girls names correct and there's only two of them!
The night was filled with a lot of limb sniffing if you've ever attended a lush event before you'll know that it isn't odd at all to be sniffing someone's arm who you don't particularly know all that well.
There was three different demonstrations a halloween perfect pamper evening, a perfectly pink christmas and a traditional cosy christmas (these weren't the actual demo names but being the bad blogger I am I forgot their actual names)
It seems I didn't get a good shot of the halloween demo set up but the blue face mask was part of the perfect halloween pamper evening, I know how I'm spending my halloween once the girls are settled in bed. 

Before the event was completely wrapped up we were taken through all the christmas gift sets that are available this year, there's some really gorgeous ones out this year I'm hoping if I flutter my eyelashes enough santa may just bring me one! I was totally amazed to learn the little puffy things that come inside LUSH gift sets and online orders is actually edible and to prove it to us Fran and Lily ate one, I'm not to sure I'll be in a rush to eat one but I may panic less when the girls or bear get hold of them.
We were thoroughly spoilt with not only an evening of lushy goodness but we were allowed to pick one item from each demonstration to take home and try for free.
Of course being a mummy I had to get something for the girls and left with three items for myself out of the whole stash of goodies! 
With all the demonstrations over we were allowed to run free with our cash and cards I could have bought the whole shop but being good I only got a small selection but I'm eager to get back over there and get some more.
I'll be doing a separate post on all the goodies I left with so keep an eye out for that one! 
I think I may have waffled on about the girls just a tad so sorry ladies, hope it wasn't to obvious I don't go out without them that often.

I had a really lovely evening with some amazing ladies Christina - Emily & Unity - Kerry - Emily and Hollie.
Thank you so much to LUSH for having me!

Have you got your hands on any of the halloween/chirstmas range? 

Sunday, 4 October 2015


Last Sunday (27th) I turned 24!
I was super spoilt and didn't expect to receive half of the gifts I did since getting older I've never thought much of my birthday and treated it as another normal day.
I was left to sleep for as long as I wished and when I eventually got up I was greeted with a scrummy fried egg on toast with orders not to lift a finger,
Andy went with the safest option and gave me some money with strict orders on the money having to be spent on things for me and not the girls as anyone who knows me knows any money I have will end up being spent on the girls or someone else!
For a change I did just that and grabbed most of the things I've been going into shops or on websites and just staring at.

The girls got me a beautiful buddha to go in my living room.
I was also spoilt with one of my favourite yankee candle scents from Andy's dad & my aunt, A daughter pandora charm to put together with my mums mother charm and cardigan from my mum and dad, A nail set from my brother and sister in-law and NBC nail varnishes + clips from my baby nephew and little niece, Bath goodies, a bunch of flowers and my fave yankee scent in a wax tart and sampler from my best friend and some money from my mother in-law.

So lets see what being 24 has in store for me.

Friday, 18 September 2015


  • stock up on autumn and winter wear
  • pick a pumpkin
  • carve a pumpkin
  • go puddle splashing
  • attend a firework display
  • dress up for halloween
  • start christmas shopping
  • purchase and light some autumn/wintery scented candles
  • celebrate mine and Andy's birthday
  • welcome nephew number 11 to the clan
  • have a film and take away night
  • buy new hat and scarf sets for the girls
  • collect conkers
  • go leaf crunching
  • make an autumn tea light holder
  • light sparklers

Monday, 7 September 2015

New Beginnings Reception & Juniors

After a month of preparing buying uniform like a mad woman, hair bows and socks galore, a big shoe drama today was the day I helped tiny and not so dinky feet into the kickers that caused me so much stress! Straightened collars,buttoned up blouses and cardigans, set a pretty hair bow perfectly in place,zipped up coats and placed P.E bags on shoulders.
Today was the day my eldest baby started Juniors and my littlest baby started her new adventure in Reception.
The day I've felt like I've had to learn how to walk all over again because there is no little person by my side to hold on to, I have to walk back home after the morning school run alone. 
No one to share whatever it is I dare open with a little person present, No one to huff at me when I ask for them to pick up their toys they are no longer playing with or telling them no to a packet of sweets or whatever it may be I miss it all. Even the bits that drove me mad at the time
I sit alone in the living room feeling like little Bo peeps sheep not a clue on what to do with myself, I should be doing housework but the house seems far to strange to do anything but sit and watch the clock ready for pick up time!
I suspect I'll do this for a few days before dropping both girls off to school in the morning feels normal as right now it feels so alien to me to not have Daisie beside me on the walk home. 
I'm eager to hear all about what they got up to today, what they've learnt, what they had for lunch, the names of new friends they've made and all about their new teachers.
I'm yet to cry setting my little girl off on their new adventures but I can feel them there its the little things I do and notice there's no one there beside me like there has been for so long that delivers a pang to my heart, I think if Daisie could have she would have told me to just bugger off already this morning when I was hanging around in her class room while she got stuck into the sand pit wanting to hold onto my baby for that little bit longer.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Maize Maze Fun With Stanhill Farm

After our plans of going to our local Maize maze being ruined not once, twice but three times 
we finally got to go along yesterday afternoon.
I expected to be in the maze for a good 1O minutes or so and that would be that but an hour or so later (I'm guessing, I was having way to much fun to keep an eye on the time) we wandered out of the maze finding all 1O nests!
We did end up at the exit after only finding 5 nests before we decided we would follow the map, there was no way I was leaving without finding all 1O of the nests.
Each nest had a number of eggs in all with different patterns each pattern belonged to a different dinosaur once we found all 1O nests we had to work out which dinosaur had the most eggs.
Even tho I'd seen a arial view of the maze on Stanhill farms facebook page I didn't notice the maze was actually in shape of a dinosaur until I was handed the map how amazing is that!!!
I can't begin to imagine how much work went into getting the shape correct, There's also a dinosaur foot print shaped maze for the under 4's.
Even after a few complaints of being tired and sore legs Daisie asked could she turn round and do it all again as soon as we had finished and has asked numerous times since we've been if it's time to go back yet, So the maize maze has a really big YES from Daisie.
Stanhill farm is the same farm we get our pumpkins from which you can read about HERE or if you'd prefer to watch our visit you can do so HERE.
Just like last time after our walk home me and Andy got to work on a fry up while the girls watched a film in the living room, The walk there, around the maze and back home took it right out of Daisie and while cooking the fry up she had curled up and gone to sleep on the sofa, I even went to bed for an hour nothing beats a family walk I just wish we had some lovely places within walking distance to make a family walk a regular thing for us.

Have you ever been in a Maize maze?

Monday, 31 August 2015

1812 Firework Night

On Friday me and my little family went along to the annual 1812 firework display with live band at our local park.
For me it was the first time I have taken the girls along I'm unsure why I haven't attended in previous years with them, Andy went along last year but for some reason I didn't go along. We always attend our local firework display on the 5th November as its one of the first annual events we attended when me and Andy were little love birds in the early days of our relationship, So it's now a MUST do thing every year for us!
In the six years we've been together Andy has missed one and that was only down to our gas meter having an error and having to wait for someone to come out and fix it.

This is an event I'd usually feel totally overwhelmed by how many people were also attending and I'd usually stay as far away from any crowds as possible, I'd feel that sick hollow following in the pit of my stomach but Friday was another time it just didn't happen, We found a spot in with the crowd and we walked closer to the front to see the band and everything. After 4 years of Anxiety taking over everything I think I may just be the one in control now WHOOP
I don't know what it is but every time I've gone along to fireworks the past 2 years I end up really emotional and find myself welling up as I watch the pretty colours burst in the sky.
It was a lovely night made even better by not having the urge to get home as soon as I could, Sorry I know I've said this in quite a few recent posts lately but after 4 years of anxiety controlling everything it feels so surreal to no longer have it have such a hold on me.
I'm so excited to get stuck in with lots of autumn and winter events which I've feared to even arrange to do in previous years!

Does your area have a 1812 night? 

I'm hoping I can get a video together of the firework display and be able to come back and add it to this post.

Thursday, 27 August 2015


In September another little man will be joining the Ewing clan taking my niece/nephew count up to 11, 12 if you include a little lady from Andy's side.

Making my little niece a BIG sister! 
During my pregnancy with Daisie I worked on putting a little big sister basket together for Issy for the early days of bringing Daisie home not so much to keep her quiet but to keep her busy while I tended to the demanding needs of a newborn where I can't always be there straight away with her one on one like she grew so used to over the 3 years when my life was just her and no other little human.
It wasn't quite as fancy as this one as her's was the first one I'd ever done so I have got a little better at it over time doing mother's day baskets, easter basket and christmas eve ones, seeing as I have no plans of anymore babies for at least a year or two I just had to put one together for my niece.

I may have gone a little over board as some bits won't fit in the basket and will be going in a bag, It's so hard not to go crazy with so many cute little things to fill it up with.
I've packed it with bath stuff from a shower cap, bath clock right up to some soapy foam, nail polish and stickers, bubble handbag, stickers, secret diary, colour in puzzle, dress up princess, crayons and pencils.
Many of the items cost me £1 and 99p which I felt may look a bit cheap of me until I saw just how much I'd put in the basket, I managed to get the basket completed with time to spare for little mans arrival so who knows I might end up doing a baby boy basket as I've got the basket bug and my mind's going wild with ideas for the girls christmas eve baskets even baskets I could have done for my sister in-law but I think I'm running out of time for that one sadly.

I can't wait to drop it off and see her little smile and give her little brother a squeeze! 

Do you put together big sister/brother or christmas eve baskets?
I'd love to take a peek if you do!

Monday, 24 August 2015


I've wanted a pair of kickers for Issy ever since he started school 3 years ago
but she's a serious toe scuffer so I just wasn't willing to spend £4O+ on a pair of shoes just for them to be ruined within weeks.
With Daisie starting school this year too I really didn't want to get one a pair of kickers and not that other as that just seemed mean, so I um'ed and ar'ed for ages about if the little lip that comes out on the sole would protect the toes some what as Daisie will still be able to play on the bikes in the nursery playground at play times and then I came across the plunks with rubber toes and they seemed perfect.
After all it will take both of them a little bit longer to get through the rubber than it would to take the toe out of some perfect patent ones, My neighbour knew how much I wanted some kickers for them and tagged me in a post on facebook about them being reduced in sports direct right down to £2O down from £44.99 in the plunk style, I just had to get them for bargains sake but they sold out in Daisie's size (size 9) which sent me into a major melt down I finally decided on shoes and they were sold out every where so I gave in and ordered the girls shoes from my studio catalogue instead so they would definitely have some shoes and after all that flapping they were having some bloody kickers!
shoes ordered time to relax and wait for the new school term to start BUT nooo.. Issy's shoes have a please allow 28 days for delivery notice! ARGHH.. So I thought while the kickers from sports direct were only £2O why don't I grab them just incase her's did take the 28 day wait, so I went on to the website and they were reduced again down to £14!! 
Daisie had her heart set on the boot style so I just had to get her some to grow into as lets face it £14 for a pair of £44.99 pair of boots I'd be crazy not to have grabbed them while I could.
My only hang up about our super bargain is I can't shake the feeling they are possibly quite boyish.

£28 for two pairs of £44.99 each pair of boots, I'd call that my bargain of the year!