Friday, 9 January 2015

Air pure Wax melts

Before christmas one of my favourite bloggers posted about Air Pure wax melts she found in poundland stores, you can read her post on them 'here'
Being totally candle and wax tart obsessed it was my mission to track down some for myself! Shortly after reading Shannon's post I came across the Festive Vanilla and Gingerbread ones in my local store which after a squeal went straight into my basket but my hunt wasn't over there I was 2 scents missing Mulled Wine and Peppermint, I was getting my hands on the other two even if it killed me.
After doing my usual daily rounds of the store after the school run there they was waiting for me so with another squeal in my basket they went to with an extra pack of mulled wine for my mumsie.
They are all quite festive scents but it goes without saying the candle section of poundland has become a regular haunt for me in hope some new scents pop up soon.
 Each pack is like a little bar of chocolate with 6 cubes to break up and use in your wax warmer/burner, I'm sure if you fancied a stronger scent of your chosen scent and the bowl on your burner/warmer is big enough you could use two rather than the one.
I'm yet to use them so I can't give you a review on how strong they are, how long they last etc.. 
But it is something I'll post about once I've used them if anyone is interested.


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