Friday, 2 January 2015

Goals for 2O15

- Learn to drive and stick to it, I stopped doing my lessons to focus on passing my theory after failing 3 times a few months before christmas I gave up until christmas was over with so it's full steam ahead with practicing now. Then it's back behind the wheel I go

Eat and drink more healthily. Drinking a litre of cherry coke a day really can't be doing my body any favours as much as everything else gives me ulcers, I need to make more of an effort hunting down a healthy drink option.

- Make more time for me! When my me times arrives once the girls are tucked up into bed I don't really do much different to what I do when they are awake, So it's time I made my me time count be it a soak in the tub,curled up with a good book,catching up with my TV programmes or blogging it needs to be done with a face mask or freshly painted tootsies at least.

- Stop being a lazy cow! I whinge and moan about looking like crap but I never actually do anything to change that I spend the extra time I have that I could be doing my make-up with spending an extra 3O minutes in bed, catching up on instagram & Facebook to check what I missed or just general lazing about before I have to go out.

- Kick my panic attacks in the butt, since coming off my anxiety tablets they've returned and are now controlling my bed times. I make sure I'm in bed by 12:45 the latest or I end up having a panic attack that I'm up so late and could be sick (crazy considering I was in bed by that time and still woke up at 3am being sick just the other day) I sorted them out once I will do it again! 

- Be less stressy, I really am a dragon especially in the mornings you just have to look at me or ask me to repeat myself and if it was possible it wouldn't be shouting that would leave my mouth it would fire.

- Use social media a lot less, I very rarely update my Facebook status or anything but I'm on it constantly checking whats going on with the world, I'm a serious people watcher I'm forever checking instagram to see what others are up to and missing whats going on in my world.


  1. I'm feeling the lazy cow one! I always moan that I don't look good enough but I don't make effort! I get up 20 minutes before I need to leave for work, when if I had an extra 10, I'd look loads better!

    Charli | Charlotte Rose

    1. It's so something I need to stop doing, half the time I don't even look in the mirror before I leave the house *hangs head in shame* x

  2. Best of luck achieving all of your goals this year. I too am going to learn to drive this year. I haven't ever been behind the wheel. Okay. I lie. When I was 13yo I drove my Dads Sigma onto a football oval and stalled it. hahaha.. Been scared to get behind a wheel ever since. But we can do it! Make sure you update us every time you cross something off your list! Loads of luck! :)

    1. Thank you :) Hopefully it won't be to long until we are both sharing a post saying we've passed, Sending lots of luck your way! I'll make sure to post when I've achieved each of my goals.
      Thank you for stopping by :) x