Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Living with a Threenager

Ahh.. your darling son/daughter has turned 3, Wahey you can wave goodbye to the terrible twos your little angel will now return to their very well behaved self without any major melt downs, crazy outbursts, attitude and their horns + tail disappear and back comes that pretty little halo returns. boy the terrible twos can be tough!

Welcome the threenager
It really is pretty much a teenagers attitude stuck in a three year old.
I don't remember the threenager stage with Issy but Daisie certainly has this threenager stuff down to a T
here's some examples of just some of the daily melt downs/problems we come across day to day.

Whats that I can't have my 5th drink at bed time? what on earth do you mean? how dare you tell me no!
I shall scream this house down.
Why have you cut my sandwiches the way I always have them? Did I ask for them like that Ahhhh.. OFF WITH HER HEAD
Why on earth have you made me the pasta I asked you for? I want a picnic lunch!
I don't want to wear a hat, We leave for nursery and all of a sudden I want my hat whats that on your head? I'll wear that one.
Put new boots on do they fit Daisie? Yeah they fit start the walk to school for the 2nd time 'Daisie are your boots to big?' Yeah...
I need the toilet take my leggings off for me slave of course she doesn't call me her slave but she may aswell.

Are you often punished by your threenager for things they actually asked you to do?


  1. I really hope it isn't a "Daisy" thing!!!

    This made me chuckle xx

    1. As stressful as it can be she does leave me in stitches most of the time which doesn't help the situation when your dealing with a mini teenager because "ITS NOT FUNNY" x

  2. This is Millie hands down, little madams hehe. She never listens when we tell her 'no' either and just proceeds to have a full on meltdown xx

    1. It's so hard not to laugh when they get going isn't it? I see their teenage years being lots of fun x

  3. Reading this, I found myself nodding in agreement and thinking - "I can so relate to this" haha! xx

    1. I'm so glad it's not just Daisie writing it I was wondering If I'd made her out to be a little monster x